Noby Noby Boy Influenced By... DiRT?!

Keita Takashi, designer of quirky cult classic Katamari Damacy, has put out another quirky title. Called Noby Noby Boy, the PS3 game is, well, hard to describe.

It's a unique title for the PlayStation Network from a unique game developer. Takahashi is largely indifferent about video games, saying, "There aren't really any I like." Rather than drawing up from other games, he was inspired by game trailer. In this case, the trailer for racing game DiRT, a game Takahashi hasn't played, was a source of stimulus.

According to the Katamari developer, "We consulted the opening camera work in a trailer for DiRT, a racing game, for Noby Noby Boy."

For someone who shirks video games, Takahashi clearly explains why Noby Noby Boy is a PS3 exclusive. The thumbsticks for Sony's home console are symmetrical — perfect for Noby Noby Boy's gameplay. What's more, Takahashi explains, "Going multiplatform for a vague, off-beat, new title is risky."

Katamari Creator Gets Weird, Wormy With Noby Noby Boy [Wired]


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