NOW Are You Happy With Diablo's Art Style?

You thought the hub-bub over Diablo III's aesthetics was over? It's not over. That said, Blizzard have moved on from the "hurt deep" stage, and are now in the "coping through humour" stage.

Responding to some commenters making jokes about including unicorns, rainbows and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the game, Blizzard's Community Manager went and posted these pics.

As a joke, sure. But now that they're out there? Unicorns and Marshmallow Men in Diablo III would actually be great, thanks.

Community Manager Posts 'Diablo 3? Screens With Unicorn, Rainbow, Marshmallow Man [MTV]


    People are still whining about this? Le sigh.

    It wouldn't bother me if these people actually had better ideas than Blizzard, but... they just don't. I've never seen them, at least. We don't need a game that is rendered entirely in brown and grey.

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