Nyko's Wii Wand Gets Rumble Nunchuck

Nyko shows off exactly what their Trans-Port technology can do with the introduction of a vibrating nunchuck attachment and gun controller for their Nintendo remote alternative, the Wand.

Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, Nyko's Wand is a replacement for the standard Wii remote that uses electronic triggers instead of mechanical ones to transmit data to attached devices. What exactly does that mean? It means your nunchuck can rumble.

The Wired Kama is a wired version of Nyko's wireless nunchuck controller which, unlike the standard Nintendo nunchuck, can vibrate along with the Wand in games that support vibration feedback. It's only a small difference from the shipping standard, but as Sony's original Sixaxis controller for the PlayStation 3 taught us, a little rumble goes a long way.

Along with the Wired Kama, Nyko has also announced the Pistol Grip, a light gun controller for the Wand that forgoes the clunky mechanical parts of the Wii Zapper accessory in favour of electronics that map the trigger and hammer of the gun to the Wand's A and B buttons, which should result in a more solid light-gun experience, for those of you looking for such.

Both the Wired Kama and the Pistol Grip will ship packed in with the Nyko Wand in June of this year, with a suggested retail price of US$49.99. Not a bad price to pay for a little innovation.


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