Oh Yes, Hot Chicks Play Halo Too!

hottest halo fan 2.jpg

Apparently Microsoft conducted a search for the UK's "hottest" Halo fan. Despite what was undoubtedly a thorough vetting process, when they found 25-year-old Amanda Johnstone of South London sitting in her Halo-covered bed, surrounded by Halo Wars posters, wearing a Halo Wars singlet and playing Halo, Microsoft knew they'd found their girl.


    That kind of devotion is kind of scary... Although she *is* pretty hot, so I guess that's OK haha

    When are they going to start a search for the hottest male Halo fan? Or the hottest male fan of anything?

    And this is why I love microsoft.

    *cough* starting from right now.

    O.M.G. Is this for real? What a load of BULLSH*T!

    Nice tits though.

    swear this is a setup. Not a single Halo 1, 2 or 3 poster and filled with ONLY Halo Wars posters with 5 copies of the same one for each? WTF

    was thinking the same thing, unless they are really trying hard to plug halo wars lol.

    Yea, that doesn't look like a setup at all. .


    what a load of shit. look how the posters are arranged for Halo Wars, may as well be a fucking EB Store or some shit.

    "I absolutely love getting on Xbox LIVE and getting better scores.."

    "can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the new game Halo Wars"

    someone who plays games does not talk like this.
    man this is so shit. microsoft are so shit. why do we even need this hottest gamer shit. gamers are so shit!

    bye bye

    You know, after reading the article again, i have noticed the sarcasm in david's report.

    lol @ the dirty iron.

    and yes that kinda devotion is scary, and that seconds picture of her makes her feet look H U G E!!!

    Not only is it obviously fake, but I can't believe they also thought it would be a good idea to have her pose for a picture IRONING a Halo Wars shirt.

    If MS wants controversy/fakeness to garner some media attention, then they sure are being pretty obvious about it.

    Why does a Halo "fan" only have recent Halo Wars paraphernalia?

    No sign of any previous Halo worship... a bit put on IMO ;)

    As iiiifffffff this isn't a marketing stunt

    I think that all she does is stay hot and plays halo, i mean come on, who seriously lives in a halo bedroom? Oh well

    WOW, hot chick must buy game.
    Now they will have a comp to go on a date with her if you buy Halo Wars. What a joke!!!. what will MIcrosoft come up with next.

    ask her an archaeological question

    MASSIVE feet

    No chick that hot sleeps in a single bed. This is totally a marketing ploy.

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