PlayStation Home Is Just Like Any Other Chatroom

PlayStation Home Is Just Like Any Other Chatroom

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PlayStation Home is great for all kinds of things: being marketed to, cosplaying while being marketed to, and paying money to be marketed to. Apparently it’s also great for being a creep.


  • Well I created a female avatar and then watched every horny male in the place try and crack onto me…. in the space of 15 minutes I have 4 friends requests and a Swedish guy telling me my gloves were nice. I dont think you’ll ever get rid of harrassment when there are people like that (and clearly people like me who selected the female avatar to see what would happen). In the great scheme of things, who really cares? Perverts are everywhere – Gameplayer should leave Sony alone and go back to sucking on Microsoft’s teat.

  • Haven’t been bothered to dl Home yet because I can think of better things to use my bandwidth on, like, not downloading Home. But the Sony dude sure did handle the situation well.

  • I’m sorry all I heard was –

    Gameplayer – “Ohh yeah you like that?”
    Bill Gates – “Ohh yeah right there, that’s the spot”
    Gameplayer – “Mmm take it all”
    Bill Gates – “……”

    Well you get the point.

  • Given that Live has an actual case of an arrest being made of someone having an indecent relationship with a minor it’s not fair to pigeon hole Home as a hot bed of potential molestation.

    Any system that allows, and even promotes, anonymous communication between people like this is always going to suffer these kind of problems.

    The REAL problem with home is that its just a useless piece of crap. It was a stupid and unimaginative idea to begin with, it’s got a terrible interface and the overall experience is very boring and not user friendly.

    Ironically Sony would have had more success if home was something simpler.

  • I was initially really excited about Home, believing it would give PSN the edge it needed to catch up to Xbox Live.

    After using the beta for a total of maybe 3 hours, I no longer see the point. After 2 years of delays we have a chat room with mini games. MINI GAMES ON A FREAKING GAMES CONSOLE!!!

    This revelation nearly destroyed my faith in playstation until I saw the most recent Killzone 2 trailer =)

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