Aussie Charts: Where Did Wii Play Go?

Aussie Charts: Where Did Wii Play Go?

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Another week, another Wii-k in the Australian games charts. Wii Fit’s on top, followed by Mario Kart, followed by Wii Pla… Wait a second! Where’s Wii Play? It’s dropped out of the top 10 entirely! Hmm. Could there be a stock shortage?
Further down, it looks like publisher 2K reaped the benefit of the recently concluded Australian Open tennis tournament, as Top Spin 3 rebounds back into contention. Full charts beyond the jump.

All Format Full-Priced Games Top 10 for the w/e February 1:

1. Wii Fit (Wii)
2. Mario Kart (Wii)
3. Brain Training (DS)
4. Guitar Hero: World Tour (Wii)
5. Top Spin 3 (Wii)
6. Guitar Hero: World Tour (360)
7. Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)
8. Singstar ABBA (PS2)
9. Skate 2 (360)
10. More Brain Training (DS)


  • I see only 6 games on that list, and its debatable whether 2 of those titles are “games” too..

    When did we start sucking as a country of game buyers? Can someone release a REAL chart with REAL games on it, please?

  • Hey DansDans, when you’re done defining what a “game” is for everyone, can you get around to defining “art” and “love”, because people have been having trouble with those ones too.


  • So everyone here is comfortable calling Wii Fit and Brain Training games? Oh well then, I’ll just comply and join the masses

    *rushes off to buy WiiFit and Brain Training*

  • Dansdans,

    I can only wonder what your games list would look like. Let me guess 10 First Person Shooters.
    I have been playing arcade and video games since 1980, enjoy games from all different genres. And am just thankful that we have the variety that we have now. Maybe you should too!

  • Wii play came bundled with remotes… massive sale of wiis over december, massive sale of remotes. It was a direct correlation. The fact everyones now sold out of remotes is the reason why

  • Where’s the PS3 love?

    Actually it’d be interesting comparing sales figures with play-time figures…or would it? dum dum dahhh!

  • HAH, DanDans such a fanboy…

    I guess that just because you don’t like romantic comedies then they aren’t movies either?

    And you don’t like Harleys so they’re not Motorbikes?

  • Sorry Unicron, hate to burst you bubble – I only own 2 FPS – and thats both Resistance titles. Let me guess – you own 420 Family Brain Training Fitness titles? If you look at that list you’ll notice there is no variety – its all family training stuff. Far out you people are hard people to understand – in one breath the people who write on this site complain about the amount of shovelware released, and in the next breath most of you defend it to the death because it “sells well” and I should be “thankful for the variety” – stuff that. I want actual games I can play – not wave a remote infront of the TV for 5 minutes.

    Where are the good games on this list like LittleBigPlanet? In fact, where are the variety of games like Prince of Persia, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Banjo Kazooie, Midnight Club – all these games are a lot newer than the rubbish that makes up this supposed Top 10 list.

    In fact, if it wasnt for Top Spin 3 and Skate 2 this list would be truly pathetic, and even Top Spin 3 is how old a game? So essentially there is only 1 game in this top 10 list that is new, and thats sitting at No. 9 (World Tour is now more than 3 months old)

    God I hope this country wakes up and buys titles like Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Halo Wars, Tekken 6 etc when they are released, otherwise its more Wii Fits, Brain Training and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy STILL retailing for between $79-$99 in the card.

    Also, where the fuck has Sonic and Mario at the Olympics gone? Have we run out of them too? The Olympics were how long ago now?

  • Dansdans,
    You angry little Man. I don’t own or are interested in any ‘training games’ or wii fit. But i don’t get my arse hairs in a knot with people who do.
    I am actually really looking forward to SF IV and RES 5. But wait! I have an idea for you. You could change the charts all by yourself.
    Go out and buy all the games from every store that you’d like to see in the chart and just give them away to people. Problem solved!

    P.S. A copy of Fable 2 for me please!

  • unicron – you made me angry. I wasnt angry before you accused me of being a FPS fan.

    Anyway, I’m bowing out of this – you can enjoy your Family Trainer games

  • Left handed buyers of Top Spin 3 are going to be pissed. What a stupid programming error to make, only for right handers, stupid.

  • I’ve gotta agree with Dandans there. We’re constantly complaining about how bad game developers seem to treat the australian market sometimes, and it’s probably because quality games are constantly getting overlooked.
    And i think the only reason why these wii games are selling so well (and many are still at full-price – including launch titles) is because there’s nothing else worth buying on the system!

  • why are none of these comments at all on topic?

    Im pretty sure wii play is low on stock, still sold out after chrissy. My sister was looking around everywhere for it the other week.

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