Question Time: Killzone 2 Developers Field Your Questions

Question Time: Killzone 2 Developers Field Your Questions
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Two dudes from Guerrilla Games were in Sydney late last week. They were showing off their new game – Killzone 2. We asked you guys to send us the questions you’d like to ask them. You did. And we did. Read on to see what they said.


  • Its great to see the Devs of KZ2 taking the time to answer our questions, gives a great insight into the game and how and why they did certain things.
    Thanks Kotaku and Devs of KZ2!

  • i think theyve made this alot worse that the first and thats saying somethink well wat im trying to say is that getting rid of the co-op and ranking up offline has just made it quite sh*t

  • This is an awsome game i really enjoyed the first killzone but this one blew me away, It would be pritty cool if there was the same badge and ranking system on offline skirmish coz i dnt have a relable internet. Excellent game fellas!

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