Question Time: What Do You Wanna Ask Guerrilla Games?

Question Time: What Do You Wanna Ask Guerrilla Games?

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With Killzone 2 releasing next week and the lads from developer Guerrilla Games in town for a whirlwind promo tour, what better candidate could there be for the second Kotaku Question Time? So if you’ve got a question for Guerrilla, drop it in the comments by the end of the day. I’ll be choosing the ten best queries to put to the guys when they hit Sydney on Thursday.


  • “Why no offline co-op?”

    Because they’ve pushed it to a post-release patch, most likely so they could spend time on polishing the game instead of rushing co-op for the release.

  • What were the biggest challenges designing for the Ps3? Do you feel that your game will encourage people to buy this system? Do you think that the choice of PS3 over Xbox 360 was a significant one? Are you planning to port the game to PC in the future?

  • What is it like to develop a game in a genre where you are obviously competing with the best game developers in the world (i.e. Bungie, Infinity Ward, etc)? Was it an intimidating experience or did it just motivate you to develop a better game in response?

  • This game is awesome. Well, from the demo.

    Less of a question, more of a statement of face.

    Actually: Is Killzone 2 everything you thought it would be? Is it more? Will it be a system pusher?
    It’s converted my xbot friend, which is no mean feat.

  • What’s up with the controls?
    The game looks great but the controls are really jerky!
    Is anything being done about this?

  • What do you guys think of the state of storytelling in computer games at the moment? Personally, I think most computer games are poorly written, have thin plots, and are dumbed-down for mass appeal.

    Can you see a point in the future when computer games will have stories to rival those found in film and literature?

  • Killzone 2 looks like it took a different approach to the online experience, do you guys believe that for a game to truely succeed in the FPS market it needs to continually innovate itself in the multiplayer aspects of a game?

  • Just thought of another one on the way home.

    Are there any plans for DLC a la the new chapter in Killzone Liberation?

  • Being a Dutch studio creating an FPS with primary English language component (Character names, etc), what challenges did you face with a design team who had differing first language backgrounds?

  • Why is there no option to toggle crouch/cover and aim assist? In addition, why are there only preset control schemes and no customize control options? Rather than letting the player play how he or she pleases, you force upon your poor control design choices upon them. It almost seems that this is done just for the sake of it, to differentiate Killzone 2 for other shooters, e.g. Call of Duty. Are you intending to release a patch so that gamers can play how they wish?

    Otherwise, great work Guerrilla. But don’t feed us that crap that you didn’t put toggle crouch in the game so it could be faster paced. I play at the pace I damn well please.

  • What do you think of all the Killzone 2 extreme fanboyism that has dominated comment threads and message boards in the gaming community?

  • When a game such as Killzone 2 is so highly anticipated, how do the developers deal with the pressure of creating something that so many people are expecting to be awesome?

  • Is it region locked online, if so where’s your heads at?

    Why copy I.W challenge, xp structure, and interchangeable perks and ignore their fluid responsive controls in favor of some poorly implemented attempt at inertia.

    Why are there issues with shadow textures and anti aliasing when other graphical elements are so polished?

  • Can I have a free copy please? 😛
    Also, having not played any of the games before… is the games story line independent from other previous killzone games or would one need to play the original killzone to “get” the story of killzone 2?

  • In an industry flooded with first person shooters, you have done a great job of separating Killzone 2 from the pack – what was the top priority component to accomplish this?

  • What is possible in the future of the FPS in general?
    Is killzone 2 the end of the line?
    Is there any more to be squeezed from the genre or is it time for a change of focus?

  • If you had to pick ONE person on the team whom you thought contributed a significantly successful idea/feature or just someone who stood out creatively on the team:

    Who would it be, what did they do, and Why was it significant?

  • Sum up what it was like to fully explore the start of Killzone 2 and how did Guerrilla Games learn from it? What do you expect from the FPS Genre or even games in general now that Killzone 2 sets a benchmark standard? And what should we expect in the future, whats next from Guerrilla?

  • Will you add the option of toggle cover in a future patch?
    Are you going to add a proper blind fire to the cover system?
    Is it going to be offline/online splitscreen multiplayer EVER?
    Will you fix the aiming issue that EVERYBODY is talking about?
    Are you going to include a game mode based on waves of enemies?
    (Something similar to the horde mode in GeOW2 and the zombie mode in CODWaW.)

  • Do you guys think yet another FPS, but this time with pretty graphics is good enough to make it big?

    Pretty a good game does not make.

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