R18+ Rally Cancelled, Cosplay To Blame

R18+ Rally Cancelled, Cosplay To Blame

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Bad news, cosplayers. Gametraders has called off the Cosplay for a Cause rally planned for next Wednesday in Adelaide and intended to show support for the introduction of an R18+ rating for games. The reason? Lack of numbers, according to the official statement we received today.

Gametraders is cancelling its “Cosplay for a Cause” rally, which was to promote the need for a fair and equal classification of the entertainment industry, due to lack of numbers. The rally, which was to go ahead on Wednesday March 4, was to begin with a press conference on the steps of Parliament House followed by a presentation of a petition of 2600 signatures to go to the Attorney General, Michael Atkinson.

“We have received an overwhelming amount of support from the public on our drive to have an R18+ rating introduced in Australia, especially with our latest drive,” said Gametraders’ National Marketing Manager, Chad Polley. “We have listened to our customers and to the numerous forum postings and have taken into account new ideas on how to get our message across.” The “Cosplay for a Cause” event has attracted the attention needed to generate further public awareness and Gametraders have listened to the responses made nationwide by customers as well as people commenting on several forums, both national and international.

As such, Gametraders has decided not to proceed with the event on March 4, instead postponing it to a later date in the hope of gaining greater numbers to support the rally by plain-clothed participants. Gametraders is committed to driving the introduction of an R18+ rating with the view of introducing not only a fair classification system, but a more responsible one and is currently the only National Interactive Entertainment Retailer taking a strong stance on the issue.

“For action to be taken on the discussion we need the support of the media to push awareness of the issue and put it on the political agenda,” said Polley “We will start with having our Managing Director present the petitions at Adelaide’s Parliament House, followed by a press conference.” For this to be effective, a strong number of supporters are needed to rally the cause, in plain clothes as is the manner that many of you suggested.

Please express your interest at [email protected]. The date of the rally is to be announced and will be enacted as soon as possible.


  • Wow! Who would have thought they wouldn’t get the numbers?

    How about we take the issue and the rally seriously next time, rather than playing dress ups?

  • The deferral and change to ‘plain-clothes’ rally is understandable. How could you possibly expect to be taken seriously by the (admittedly out-of-touch) SA Attorney General if you’re dressed up like that?

    I personally think cosplay is great and have seen the masters of it in Japan first hand. But they really have no place in a political protest, especially when you’re dealing with the likes of Mr Atkinson, whose mind is about as narrow as the crack in my shorts. I wish he’d move to Utah where he belongs.

  • Cosplay Rally, Adults dressing up is really gonna make the government stand-up, take notice and take gamers seriously. Talk about adding fuel to the fire, you can just see Michael Atkinson, spining this saying just how $%^&ed the head games really make people. Dressing up like a frigen Pokemon is really going to make the government notice.

  • I’m so glad that they’ve seen what a terrible idea the previous plan was. I knew that sending them an e-mail of concern about the rally being done in cosplay was a good move, and it sounds like a lot of other people did it too. They’ll get bigger numbers and be taken much more seriously by the media and politicians.

  • I wonder what was going through their heads when they thought cosplay would be a good idea. Sunrise would have jumped right on it though, so I guess that might have been some free publicity for the cause.

  • Never mind the 2600 person petition, why not organise a petition sheet in every EB Games, Game and Gametraders store then send them all in?
    Online petitions don’t help (especially when you see some of the names on there, not to mention comments) and you’re sure as Hell going to be educating consumers on the need for an R18 rating in the process.

  • The cosplay idea definitely wasn’t the best given this was a ‘protest’ so to speak?

    Trying to get the game retails support is also a good idea but whatever is done needs to be co-ordinated. Perhaps if it is something that ‘Kotaku (AU)’ (or similar group) support they could help facilitate? IE. readers mail (in handwriting) a short letter/statement of support for an R18+ rating and this is then passed onto the responsible office/person? That way everyone across Aust wishing to do their part can. OR another option is to inform people of where such mail should be sent? 50c postage isn’t too expensive and if people tell their friends, etc maybe there can be enough pressure?

    Surely something can be done if it is co-ordinated and actioned the right way with enough people.

    Theres no reason why we shouldnt have an R18+ rating for games, yeah younger kids can get access to them from others, and how is it any different to kids taking smokes/booze off older people (i think its horrible that they do, but at the end of the day whats the difference between underage people getting ahold of these compared to video games?

  • “IE. readers mail (in handwriting) a short letter/statement of support for an R18+ rating and this is then passed onto the responsible office/person?”

    Is this because their browser crashes too often to let them fill in a form online?

  • CD, If their using Internet explorer then maybe lol.

    Just different opinions (on a number of issues/websites etc) seem to prefer handwritten as it is harder for a person to put multiple entries in under fake/others names.

    I would be happy to do either just mentioning not preferring/suggesting anything…

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