Red Xbox 360 For Resident Evil 5 Launch

Red Xbox 360 Elite w controller.jpg

Microsoft has finally confirmed the rumoured and leaked Red Xbox 360 console.


    Man, I've been looking for a decent excuse to upgrade to an Elite....

    @ Duane

    Yes it does.

    Does making it red mean it'll go faster?

    It's a cunning attempt to camouflage the 3RROD when it occurs.
    'Cos, you know, the whole system will be red..

    The resi 5 demo was so disappointing, its right at home on 360. Im sure resi fans wont jump at this, i still see those resi 4 chainsaw controllers on sale. The colour would look ok in a childcare centre or something.

    this would go great with those bright red leather lounges that are the same colour... guess that's why my lounge is darker grey to match my PS3.

    Colour matching lounges to match your console.... what next?

    Thanks for the tip off david, there is a very good chance I'll pick one of these up.

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