Sacred 2: How German Metal Band Blind Guardian Got Involved


In this behind the scenes video for Ascaron’s Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch explains how a German heavy metal band gets into a video game.

Apparently the answer is to give up hope altogether. Hansi reveals that Blind Guardian had been trying to get into a video game – any video game – since the early 90’s, and had given up hope for being featured in a video game at all. That’s when German video game developer Ascaron came calling.

Not only is Blind Guardian’s music in Sacred 2, virtual versions of the band actually perform in the game itself. Hell, a society that doesn’t blink at a robot dog with a laser cannon on its arm certainly won’t begrudge itself a few electric guitars.


  • have been playing sacred 2 on pc for last few months, im a fan of blind guardian because of it. the game has its flaws, is very much a hack and slash like diablo2 but soooooooo much bigger. i have seen sod all of the land in game, played through as many quests as i can find while going through the main quest and battling my way to the level cap of 200… im lvl 38 now 🙁
    this game has so many cool features, the part i like most is the open net MP. play my SP toon through SP campaign, then jump into a mates MP game, continue levelling collecting items etc then jump back into my SP campaign with everythng (xp and items) i got in MP. then jump on to open net and play along with other people and repeat the same process.
    the game is huge, like really huge, my slow progress to lvl 38 has taken me 72 hours (im slow as i spend a heap of time looking at things, the games really nice visually)
    after looking at the dumbed down console version (check the preview vids) im glad to be playing it on pc 🙂

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