San Andreas PSP Listing The Result Of Retailer Daydreaming

You may have seen today a retail listing for a PSP game called San Andreas Stories. It's even got box art. Pity, then, it's all the result of the result of some wishful thinking.

The listing in question was spotted on the website of British retailer HMV. As you can see right here, it says "Grand Theft Auto (Gta): San Andreas Stories", and there's a tiny picture of some box art for the game.

But look closely at the box art. It's recycling art from the cover of the original San Andreas, something Rockstar never do when it comes to the handheld versions of their GTA game worlds. And if you're still not convinced that makes the listing bogus, click the little tab on the website that takes you to "description".

There you'll see the listing was in fact created in HMV's system in 2007. And you'll also see HMV's staff writing:

With San Andreas the only city in the GTA universe yet receive the Stories treatment, we wouldn't be surprised if Rockstar eventually end up bringing out 'San Andreas Stories' on PSP and/or PS2. There's no word from the developers about the game at this stage, but if you sign up by clicking the above link, we'll get in touch with you the second that the game is available to pre-order. If it ever does come out, that is.

Doesn't mean a San Andreas PSP game won't ever come out, just... this isn't it. Not this, not now. Nothing to see here, people, move along, move along!

action / adventure games coming soon [HMV]


    Please Rockstar make this game.
    I would buy a PSP just to play it.
    Well that and God Of War: Chains Of Olympus.

    I'm not sure how their code works, but I'm guessing San Andreas would be hard to port to PSP. First, the disk is only 1.8 gig, instead of 8.5, and second, the city was *massive* with no loading screens between some huge areas.

    I'm not saying it's impossible, maybe Vice and Liberty were big enough it doesn't matter how big you go, for all I know. I just think it would be more of a technical challenge and San Andreas pushed the PS2 to it's limits as it was. I think Rockstar would have made it by now if they could, so I don't think we should hold our breath.

    @ Lord Adam\Purplesfinx
    San Andreas Stories, if it was ever made would not be a port of the original San Andreas for PS2 XBox and PC.
    It would be an extension to the story, not the same game.

    Obviously you've never heard of or played Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories. They're different games that focus on a different main character.

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