Scene-It Add-On Celebrates Award Winning Movies

Scene-It Add-On Celebrates Award Winning Movies

Fans of the Xbox 360 quiz game Scene It? Box Office Smash are getting a fresh batch of movie trivia next week with the release of the Award Winners game add on pack.

Celebrating the best that that the silver screen has to offer, the Award Winners game pack for Scene It? Box Office Smash offers up more than 300 new questions spanning nearly 2 dozen award winning films, from 1960’s Spartacus to 2007’s The Last King of Scotland. In addition to the fresh batch of normal questions, the Award Winners pack also comes with a brand-new bonus-round puzzle type called “Pop Quiz”, featuring more than 600 new true or false questions to keep players from getting bored for another couple of weeks.

The Award Winners game pack will be available on February 13th for the rather odd price of 560 Microsoft points.

Kotaku AU Note: Scene It? Box Office Smash is not yet released in Australia. Pretty sure it’ll be out in March.


  • Any idea why it hasn’t been released in Australia yet? I imported from the UK recently, the questions are all so fresh (Valkyrie, Curious Case of Benjamin Button), the longer they wait to get it on the shelves the less relevant the questions become.

  • @ formulated

    When I spoke to Microsoft late last year, they said they’d push Scene It and You’re In The Movies to early this year so they wouldn’t get lost in the Xmas chaos.

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