Show Us Yours: The Perfect Pillow

clawster main shot lores.jpg

Once again it's time we poked our head into the gaming dens, living rooms and nerd dungeons across the country. Today we find "clawster" exposing his collection to us, so let's go take a look.


    Well thats mean, judging him for Reservoir Dogs while not giving him credit for importing the trans vibrator.

    That alone makes up for 5.3 copies of Reservoir Dogs, don't ask me how you get .3 of a game though. It just is

    God Hand is only $20 at some Video Ezy stores, whatever you do, get this game!!

    Aww, that's a cool set-up he's got there.

    I want the pillow!

    What's with the slim collection of PS3 games, even though you're clearly a PS fan?
    Major kudos for the life sized weighted companion cube, but interestingly, you don't have any the orange box on display?
    Awesome work on alternative cinema, ie, "Amelie" and "Pan's Labyrinth", also.

    Rack reference, spotted!

    I’m pretty sure that Psychonauts with ANYTHING can still make an awesome shelf :)

    lack of PS3 games is due to lack of good PS3 games. not being a fan of FPS on console narrows my choices down considerably. :P

    also, I grabbed Portal standalone on PC, hence no orange box. my PC game collection is a whole other story...

    fair enough about the lack of games, minus FPS, but where's your ninja gaiden sigma, or DMC4? Ok, that was a bit of a stretch, had to go look at mine to see, haha!
    Even if you don't normally like console FPS, you should definately try Killzone 2 demo... it's amazing.

    yep, i grabbed the Killzone 2 demo earlier this week. and i was completely useless at it. completely unco. ha!

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