Show Us Yours: The Twin Towers

show us yours tom's Gamingcase excerpt.jpg

Tom's clearly a man with two passions in his life. And we're pleased he decided to share them with us. You, too, can show us yours by emailing us hi-res photos and a brief description of your games collection. Now let's take a closer look at giant black monoliths occupying Tom's living room and see what can be found within...


    "Finally, check out what's sitting next to the 360 games."

    What are those? The picture is too blurry for me to be able to make them out, and I don't recognise them :x

    Nice write-up.

    Not a bad collection, I like the presentation. And yes, PCPowerplay is awesome! :D

    PCPP! win!
    I have 25 issues, but maybe not as many games.
    I tend to throw out the ones i dont play, or give them to friends.

    Nice rack.

    Eyetoy is my little sisters! ...I swear!

    Oh, so David Wildgoose is a PSP hater, so much for unbiased journalism.

    Also, bonus points for shadow of the colossus.

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