Show Us Yours: What A Cute Shelf

show us yours maxwell s toy shelf.jpg

We get all kinds of submissions to Show Us Yours. From PC to PSone, Dreamcast to Game Boy carts, and all kinds of peripherals and collectors editions. Typically though, they have one thing in common: you all have your games stacked neatly on shelves. As you can see, Reader Maxwell S. has his cute assortment of plush toys and figurines on a shelf. So far, so good. But then it gets kinda... weird.


    Coolness, i see a TARDIS :P

    I'm sorry but this comment will have a little sting in it's tail. I look forward to this article each week to see rare and diverse games and collections. Not the trade in shelf at EB and a couple of stuffed toys.

    I think you need to edit the entry to say at least 7, considering the Wii plays GCN games ;)

    the hidden game is wii sports

    and unicron shuddupa ya face


    @ Unicorn, did you see my collection, it had a rare game, Lord of the rings online: mines of moria collector's edition, I think probably on three people in australia have one.

    I like it when you talk like that mother

    needs a sega in their and/or ps1 game/s, otherwise very sexual and seductively appetizing. nom nom nom

    I'll say again. An uninspired and well, boring collection of games.
    Show me that someone else owns a copy of Gregory Horror show on PS2, or Eternal Darkness on GC, or Terranigma, and Chaos Engine on SNES. Something different!!!

    @ Unicron

    Show us yours then.

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