So Who's Playing Each Console, And For How Long?

Nielsen, masters of the survey and the percentage point, have come up with a rough idea of how long you play each of the three consoles for. And by "you", they mean "everybody".

So it's not just the 18-35 year-old male that's been surveyed. We're talking kids, adults, the elderly, and across both genders to boot. So, yeah, everybody.

Their findings? Shocking. Highlights include (and this is for the period Oct-Dec 2008):

- The most-played console for men aged 18-34 was the PlayStation 3
- The most-played console for men aged 2-18 was the Wii
- The most-played console for men aged 35+ was the Wii, closely followed by the PS3
- As for the ladies... well, you'd think it'd be the Wii across the board, but it's not. While young girls and those 35 and over spent most time playing Nintendo's console, in the 18-34 demographics, it was neck and neck between the PS3 and 360.

*Note - the above graph shows only October. If you hit the link below, you'll see many of the more hotly-contested categories switch places in November and/or December

Overall findings? That - at least as far as this survey group goes - the young and the old go for the Wii, while those 18-34 prefer the other two. Which, of course, you didn't already know, which is why you're so shocked about now.

Nielsen Study [Nielsen, via GameDaily][Image]


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