Sonic Creator Welcomes Your Boring Sonic Questions

Sonic Creator Welcomes Your Boring Sonic Questions

Try asking Harrison Ford about Han Solo, and you’ll only get dirty looks. But ask Sonic programmer Yuji Naka (pictured) about working on Sonic the Hedgehog, and he’ll gladly cooperate…

…not that Yuji Naka is Harrison Ford or Sonic is Han Solo.

Let’s Tap is the first title Naka has created since leaving SEGA and setting up his own studio, Prope. During a press junket for the game, Naka was bombarded with Sonic questions. Does that bug him? Nope!

“When I created Sonic people always asked me about how I came up with the idea a thousand times so I’m past caring about being asked the same questions these days,” Naka told game site CVG. “It’s fine.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth! Go ahead, ask Yuji Naka all your incessant Sonic questions. He’s more than happy to answer or serve you tea. Yuji Naka? Aims to please.

Interview: Done talking about Sonic [CVG][Pic]

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