Star Wars: The Old Republic Takes On The Hutt Home World

BioWare has revealed the latest playable planet for their eagerly anticipated massively-multiplayer roleplaying game Star Wars: The Old Republic - Nal Hutta, home of the slug-like ancestors of Jabba the Hutt.


    Oh man, I'm about to fly into a bout of nerd rage. What is up with the Hutt buildings in those screenshots? They look like Jabba's palace on Tatooine... which was a monastery built by the B'omarr monks hundreds of years before Jabba moved into there, not a Hutt building at all!


    Hate this game more and more. GIVE US KOTOR3

    You KNOW you'll still play this Mr Waffle, because Star Wars Galaxies is so shit and since The Force Unleashed had about as much replayability as a flash game what other Star Wars games will be coming out in the next few months? Battlefront 3? HAH!

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