StarCraft II Graphical Updates: Before And After

The art team for upcoming real-time-strategy StarCraft II has been busy. It's been adding new animations and improving textures. Check out the before and after pictures of the game's insectoid Zerg faction.

starcraft ii before and after 1.jpg

starcraft ii before and after 2.jpg

starcraft ii before and after 3.jpg

starcraft ii before and after 4.jpg

StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 49 [ Thanks, John!]


    Nice work.

    I'm glad they're doing the re-work, the before renders look just a tad too WOW-ish!

    Personally I'm looking forward to this, I've lost way too much time playing the original and to be honest, I'm not gonna feel the least bit guilty wasting it all over again!

    Bout bloody time Blizz!

    Hahaha, reminds me of when people were crying about Diablo 3 and the "wow-gayness" of its colour scheme. Great use of next-gen brown there Blizzard!

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