Stock Photos Capture Gaming at its Most Fail

Stock Photos Capture Gaming at its Most Fail

Everyone loathes posed photos where neither the models nor the photographer know what the fuck they are doing. Yet they’ve glutted stock photo sites, which charge ridiculous amounts for them.

The -Minus World did a brilliant rundown of 30 among the worst, capturing “gamers” in various states of rigor mortis and/or douchebaggery. They’re using wrong controllers, unplugged consoles, or assume that gamers like to overgel their hair and dress up like hipsters before starting up a deathmatch.

Like that one above. Hey, here’s a great idea, let’s have one friend “talking smack” to his shamed pal! “Hey, man, you suck! I totally ‘pawned’ you!” “Yeah well, you’re lucky I don’t shove this party bowl of pretzels up your ass.” Yeah, great look guys! Wait, why is the goddamn TV not on?

The 30 Most Obnoxious [and Expensive]Gamer Stock Photos [The -Minus World]


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