Street Date Smashed: This Time It’s Killzone 2

Street Date Smashed: This Time It’s Killzone 2

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A Kotaku reader just got his hands on Killzone 2, as you can see. That’s because a Gametraders – ah, good old Gametraders – store in Canberra has broken the street date. Anyone else managed to find an early copy?

UPDATE: To clear up all the confusion, reader Steven has sent in a snap of the box and his receipt. Believe!

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[Thanks Steven and James]


  • I want to try and snag a copy of this as well.

    C’mon guys help us out here, lets work together to get GAME and EB to break… I just need some fellow compatriots to help in the campaign and call EB and GAME stores around the country.

  • Gametraders in Canberra rock. One time, they sold me COD4 prior to release, plus a head job out the back. I love you GT

  • I’m going for a browse this afternoon to JB Hi Fi, EB and my local GT. I’ll let you guys know what is happening.

  • GT is selling also picked up my copie. GT’s shipment aparntly had no streetdate listed on there boxes hence the early sale, games are been sold with recipt.

  • JB Kedron (supposably) doesn’t have stock yet, and GT Chermside wont break until someone else local does. In my experience EB aren’t even worth calling, so hopefully JB get stock soon!

  • Well, seeing as it’s a long running debate about the lack of R18 classification in Australia, I’m thinking this is probably not a “Canberra” copy.

  • Games already reading your comments on breaking us.

    You’ll have no luck there 😛

    Someone provide proof of purchase in AUS (Receipt) and people will start selling asap.

  • After speaking with the Games Warehouse guys it seems their stock arrived without a strict street date on it. Apparently there are usually stickers or a notice and there was none. Sounds good to me! =P

  • @ AJ,

    I picked mine up at 11 as the delivery man rocked up at the store, and there were no warnings or such… They also got a shipment of Halo Wars but would not sell that as it did have a street date attached.

    I was supplied with a receipt and Gametraders are calling all pre-order customers… in Canberra atleast.

  • the game doesn’t have a strick date for GT, EB and Game are foriegn companies and maybe next time you should buy from you’re local aussie guru and you would have your copy.

  • “Someone provide proof of purchase in AUS (Receipt) and people will start selling asap.”

    Shinraa, is there some rule that once the date is broken (and competitors have an opportunity to profit unfairly over your respective store) it’s ffa?

  • Just spoke to the GameTraders in Maribyrnong, Vic. They’re selling the game now, they just got it in stock, its not on the shelves, but there is no street date on the boxes apparently.

  • to casey, just so you know the game has the 18 and ma15 rating on it so it is not an import. just so you know i work at the gametraders store in canberra, we are selling it call me a nd ask if you want (02) 6293 3751

  • Hopefully the online servers are up and running – the promo copy I’ve had for the last few weeks comes up with an error when you try and go online

  • JB HiFi in Perth and Joondalup both said Thursday or until ‘head office’ calls. Likewise EB in Joondalup and Gametraders in Carilliion both said go away.

  • I can confirm that a Canberra Game Traders is selling Killzone 2! I just bought my copy! Hurrah for the dude at my local GT!

    Definitely an Playstation Australia copy with MA 15+ rating

  • Called games warehouse (Silverwater Rd. Silverwater NSW) and they told me i could come pick a copy up + Gametaders Canberra said “over the phone”, they had been given permission to sell.

  • @ wanston

    This is an Aussie copy, you can see the bright red MA15 logo (blurry as hell I’ll admit) on the disc, along with the UK 18+ logo. Most PAL PS3 games tend to have classifications from several different regions…

  • The MA15+ rating is right there on the disc, above the Sony Computer Entertainment diamond on the right side of the disc.

  • @wanston and casey

    You might want to look above that R18 symbol and the sony entertainment logo and you clearly see an Australian MA15+ Rating.

  • @wanston and casey

    Trust me Its genuine I’m holding it at the moment. Plus if you look at the photo there OFLC MA 15+ logo is on the disk on the right hand side (be it a bit out of focus)

  • The 18 is the EU classification. AU and EU both use pal so share disks. if you notice just above that label is the AU MA15+ label

  • @ The guys going on about it not being an Aussie copy: I’m sitting here looking at my copy purchased in Australia from an Australian retailer who sources stock from an Australia distributor and the disc is European.

    Have you guys seriously never noticed that discs for Aussie games are more often than not from Europe/UK?

  • Any chance of getting a close up of the receipt a bit difficult to show my local retailer unless they can specifically read the receipt

  • Damn, still a lot of places not selling. I was hoping Dungeon Crawl in Melbourne would, but apparently they won’t til Thursday!

  • Sorry guys after being told we could sell by our supplier we have since been told that is incorrtect, so GT Hyperdome in Canberra has stopped sale of killzone 2. Cheers

  • GT seem to be the best bet, if they have stock they are likely to sell it. You can even visit their website and search for ‘Killzone 2’ in the store location page, and it’ll list everyone with stock. Pretty nifty.

  • I pointed out the 18+ thing once. Been corrected about 20 times tho 😛 Kinda makes the point again how stupid we are here releasing an 18+ with the 15+ classification… but that’s a totally different thread
    Good luck with the game.

  • My housemate is trying his hardest to get EB in Wollongong to break the release date 😀 Best of luck to all of you too.

  • @Broken date – Whoa, if this is true, I’m so glad that left Uni early to pick up my preorder before you had to stop!

  • ah come on, if the street date had been “smashed” everyone would have it, just because there’s a photo of one person, with a copy, doesn’t mean it’s been released… i could have taken a photo when the stock arrived in store on monday.

  • Are people really this stupid? It’s common place for Europe and Australia to get exactly the same discs, equipped with the BBFC, USK and OFLC rating on it. It’s been happening since the days of N64. A lot of the time you’ll find that even the case of a game has the 18+ label on it with an MA15+ sticker over the top. My PS3 FEAR 2 disc has the BBFC 18 rating printed on it, for example. Also, unless you’re totally fucking blind there is clearly an MA15+ logo on the disc.

    Well a pic of the case and receipt has been posted now so who the fuck cares.

  • NSW/QLD border report: JBhifi/GAME/EB

    Stock is in, strictly at this point nobody is selling. If any EB shops have broken the date, your lucky, it was not a management decision. All have said strictly tomorrow, via Sony instruction overnight. My local Big W and Kmart also have an embargo they will not break.

    Servers go LIVE today at some time.

  • Apparently “Sony” are trying their hardest to keep release till tomorrow. Denying the break that occurred in multiple stores, and stopping EB + Gamesmen etc. selling. This is unfair for them as the game was being sold over the counter at Games Warehouse, and Gametraders. I’d be fining Sony the big 50 grand for loss in sales lol.

  • I can comfirm 100% that here at GAME Eastland (VIC) we have been told to start selling. So if anyone is hovering around looking for a place to pick it up early, get down here and we’ll sort you out!

  • Got a phonecall from GAME in Sydney about 40 minutes ago telling me it’s available for pickup. Just got back to work with it in my hot little hands. Not sure about EB, JB, etc, but your local GAME should sell it now

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