Street Fighter IV Arcade In The US? No. But Australia, Singapore? Maybe!

Street Fighter IV won't be officially released in US arcades. But that doesn't mean it won't be released anywhere outside Japan. Take Australia, for example. Or Korea, or Singapore. It might come out there!

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has revealed that while the game won't be shipped to the US thanks to a market "on the decline", there are other markets in the Asia-Pacific area region that Capcom are looking at.

Actually, there is quite a bit more demand [for SFIV]in Asia and Oceania than there is in North America. To be honest, the video arcade culture in North America is on the decline. There are not that many venues left for arcade video games any more.

We have seen that there is a lot of value in the markets of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, as well as some other markets.

So USA, no, Singapore, yes? Kooky.

Developer Interview [Capcom]


    There's been machines in Oz since last year. A national comp was run last year to send the winner to the international comp.

    SF IV is already in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Has been for some time, my wallet knows it!

    Im confused, is this article trying to make a point that SFIV arcade might come to Australia... i mean, its been here for months now.

    It's been in Aus for weeks! Played it a few times in Sydney - the gaming centre on George st...

    I thought SF4 was already in aus, theres an arcade machine of it in brisbane/sunnybank plaza

    Street Fighter IV has been in arcades in Sydney for some time now.

    There's already 2 SFIV cabinets at the Timezone in Brisbane, I literally crapped my pants when I found them...

    It's already in Australia. I played it in Melbourne when I was there over Christmas at some very small arcade. Plus people have said it's at one arcade in Brisbane. Sure arcades are not very popular as 10 years ago and nothing like they are still in Japan. But SFIV is in Australia. It's just hard to find along with any arcade machine. It costs $2 here as compared to 100 Yen in Japan. So no wonder arcades are dying here.

    It already is in Australia though how legal is dubious. I have only just moved to melbourne so pardon me on street names but around the korea town area where bbq rstaurants etc are there is two arcades one is advertising that they have it the other is rouns the corner on the street that is up and parallel too swanston street, both are pretty much at the crossroads. its the road where the carlton club is but the other side of the crossroads. this makes little sense but whatever its in Melbourne I played it got my ass kicked but it kicks ass too

    Oh man, is Japan still dirty over that whole Hiroshima thing?

    Hey guys if you all interested in SF4 please head to if not already know. it has the biggest SF scene, game hook up/tournaments to anything related.


    Ever seen the Australia movie? Considering what they did to Darwin the Japanese need to give us a few favours even if it's as small as SFIV arcade machines.


    There exist arcades in Australia because there are people who still come in droves to play them. How do you think Dance Dance Revolution became popular amongst Asian immigrants here? The arcade was put next to Chinatown. There is also an arcade near the Greater Union on George St, which is usually packed.

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