Street Fighter IV's Suggestive Content

Upskirts, thongs and erect nipples are nothing new to fighters. No surprises that all are prevalent in Street Fighter IV and neither is the game's 12-and-up rating in Japan. But here they are.

The suggestive content is largely comical and not too far off base from what one would find in a comic book aimed at young boys. The interesting thing is that the more "realistic" Dead or Alive 4 snagged a 17-years-old-and-up CERO D rating in Japan and "Mature" in North America. (Maybe

In Japan, SFIV is rated CERO B — the rough "low teen" equivalent of ESRB's Teen rating. Likewise, SFIV is rated "T" by the ESRB for "alcohol reference", "suggestive themes" and "violence."

For more saucy pics click the below link.

『スト4』はCERO「B」なのにチュンリーの乳首ぽっちがクッキリな良作 [はちま起稿]


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