Thanks To Erotic Game Design, Rapper Kanye West Got Into Hip Hop

Kanye West. Rapper, producer, fashion designer, former erotic game designer.

When 31-year-old rapper Kanye West was in 7th grade, he created his first hip-hop beat. It was made for a video game he was designing — a game populated with a giant penis hero and vagina ghosts. West explains to DETAILS:

First beat I did, was in seventh grade, on my computer. I got into doing beats for the video games I used to try to make. My game was very sexual. The main character was, like, a giant penis. It was like Mario Brothers, but the ghosts were, like, vaginas. Mind you, I'm 12 years old, and this is stuff 30-year-olds are programming. You'd have to draw in and program every little step-it literally took me all night to do a step, 'cause the penis, y'know, had little feet and eyes.

As they do.



    10 bucks that he was using Game factory/click'n'play

      There probably wasn't a Games Factory back when he was 12 :P. I believe him. It does take ages to make sprites.

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