The European Union Thinks Games Are Great For Kids

Well, this makes a pleasant change from the usual "games will KILL BABIES" argument. The European Union have got together and decided that video games are actually rather good for the kids.

Spearheaded by Dutch lawmaker Toine Manders, the report found that "Videogames are in most cases not dangerous and can even contribute to the development of important skills", and that they also can "[stimulate]learning of facts and skills such as strategic reflection, creativity, cooperation and a sense of innovation".

All good stuff, that.

Videogames seen good for children [Reuters]


    They also don't seem to be too bright.

    "The report stressed parental involvement by proposing development of a "red button" that could allow parents to control content and how long games are played. It did not elaborate as to what form this button would take."

    Doesn't every major console and windows vista already incorporate parental controls that can do exactly this?

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