The Most Innovative Companies In Gaming

Business magazine Fast Company has released a list of the 10 most innovative companies in the gaming industry. Where do Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony rank?

Well we can pretty much guess where Nintendo ranks on the list, can't we? While Fast Company does note the fact that Nintendo hasn't done well by the hardcore, it couldn't ignore the mass-market appeal of the Wii and DS, granting them the number one spot in their countdown. Microsoft makes the list at number 8, with Xbox Live's Netflix integration cited as a major point in their favour. And Sony? *looks list up and down* Oh poor Sony.

The sad thing here is I believe there definitely is room for Sony on this list, but Fast Company seems to define innovative as successful, instead of simply rewarding innovation. Blizzard is a highly successful company, but innovative? I'd never have put them on this list. Media Molecule and Harmonix, sure, but Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Take-Two don't seem to be a good fit.

The rest of the list consists of GarageGames of fame, mobile game maker Greystripe, and RealNetworks, two of which I've heard of, with only the first one seeming like a good choice. All in all, not a very innovative list of the top innovators in the industry.


    Umm... okay, yeah that was a shocking list to be honest. To think Sony didnt even make the cut, even over Ubisoft or Take-Two is a joke. They're one of, if not THE most innovative company in the world still operating today!

    @ D.
    Seriously? The most innovative company in the world? SCE certainly deserved a spot on the list, but I don't even know if anyone could even make a cohesive argument that they're the most innovative company in the world (let alone win the debate).

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