Toy Fair 2009: Sgt. Johnson, World Of Warcraft, More Gears & LittleBigPlanet

Open up! Time for more game-related goodies from the showroom floor of the US Toy Fair. We've already seen a bunch of stuff, but tonight, we're going to see a bunch more.

HALO - We're up to series six of McFarlane's Halo figure range, and for series six, we get a number of new figures. Most notable - and popular - will probably be Halo's Sgt. Apone facsimile himself, Sgt. Johnson, who is joined by a new Flood figure and a Brute jetpack guy.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - There's three new WoW figures on display, and while I'm hazy on my WoW characters/classes, I do know that human one is an Alliance Hero, and not, as you'd presume, a misplaced Conan figure.

GEARS OF WAR - While we saw the bulk of the Gears of War line up yesterday, there are a few more figures on display. On the human side, there's Colonel Hoffman, while for Team Locust, there'll be a Boomer figure. Also shown was a stylised Marcus Fenix, who does his best to make a steroid-fuelled scowl look cute.

LITTLEBIGPLANET - We saw the figures earlier in the day, but they're not the only pieces of merch on the way for Sony's create-a-platformer platformer. There are zipper pulls that can pull secondary duties as keyrings, and also "models", which will come in both genders and serve as a more expensive variation on the classic paper dress-up doll.

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