Want Some New Gear For Dawn Of War II?

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If you've picked up Dawn Of War II, perhaps you'd be interested in some new kit for your Space Marines. THQ has flicked us the download codes for five sets of "War Gear", ie exclusive loadouts for your dudes not found in the retail game. We've got ten lots of the codes to give away. The first ten people to email me with photographic proof of their ownership of the game will each receive a set of codes.

UPDATE: All codes are now gone!.

Here's the full rundown of what you could get:

Sternguard Wargear Set Sergeant Tarkus leads his Tactical Marines into the fires of battle, shrugging off massive damage. Arm him with this unique armor, bolter and grenade pack for the battle to come. Also includes the Taurans armor pattern, and four additional army painter colors.

-Includes "Armor of Vandea", "Unforgiving Truth" Bolter, "Mastercrafted Grenades", one unique chapter "Taurans" and four exclusive metallic colours.

Sniper Wargear Set Sergeant Cyrus leads his scouts ahead of the Space Marine strike force, taking out high-value targets. Equip him with this unique armor, sniper rifle and combat shotgun and strike with deadly precision. Also includes the Angels of Redemption armor pattern, and four additional army painter colors.

-Includes "Grim Silence" Armor, "Initiate's Lesson of Strength" Shotgun, "Deathtouch of the Angel" Sniper Rifle, one unique chapter "Angels of Redemption" and four exclusive metallic colours

Chapter Command Wargear Set Equip your Force Commander with two unique armors, power fist, bolt pistol, plasma gun and iron halo. In either ranged or close combat, you will lead your force to victory. Also includes the Revilers and Angels Sanguine armor patterns, and eight additional army painter colors.

-Includes "Cuirass of Azariah" Armor, "Pistol of Baal" Bolt Pistol, "Gauntlet of Blood" Power Fist, "Mantle of the Great Father" Armor, "Fearsome Light of Faithg" Plasma Gun, "Laurels of Hadrian" Iron Halo, two unique chapters "Revilers" and "Angels Sanguine" and eight exclusive metallic colours.

Destroyer Wargear Set Sergeant Avitus wields the heaviest weapons in the Space Marine arsenal. Equip him with this unique armor, heavy bolter and missile launcher, and exterminate the xenos! Also includes the Novamarines armor pattern, and four additional army painter colors.

-Includes "Armour of the Destroyer" armour, "Purge of Victory Bay" heavy bolter, "Unerring Thunderbolt" missile launcher, one unique chapter "Novamarines" and four exclusive metallic colours.

Vanguard Wargear Set Sergeant Thaddeus and his Assault Marines soar into battle. Equip him with this unique armor, bolt pistol and chainsword and charge into the heart of the enemy horde. Also includes the Brazen Claws armor pattern, and four additional army painter colors.

-Includes "Raven's barding of Flight" Armor, "Herald of the Coming Doom" Bolt Pistol, "Blade of Ulyus" Chainsword, one unique chapter "Brazen Claws" and four exclusive metallic colours.


    Maaaaan, you could at least have waited until people get home from work to post this, that's so not fair :(
    Hopefully all the kids bludging school to play are too busy playing to see this post :(

    Thanks so much David!

    There's no email specified, I've sent mine to tips

    Hardly fair when most of us are at work, is it? Not that it matter since the bloody game won't install for 99% of people, myself included... Steam is a joke.

    All codes are gone. Congrats to those who scored them - and respect for realising you had to email [email protected] ;-)

    Cheers David. Made my day.

    Thanks David, totally awesome... I used another email address but

    Glad i got a code.

    @ Mr Waffle, hey there fellow DOWII tech support poster, i know the pain, i still feel like i dont own the damn game despite it sitting in front of me.

    For those of you who can't install over Steam, go to Steam Settings >> Downloads >> Download Region >> Change to U.S. South. This worked for many people who had initial download issues.

    Omg and i am one of the aussie kids that was at school and didn't even know sure i have two of the wrgear sets but i only got the collectors edition cos i could get enough money for it and the other wargear set because i registered the game.

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