Warhawk Command Centre Coming to Home

Finally! That amazing sandbox for Warhawk's in-Home presence we first heard about last year is coming to the Playstation 3.

The Warhawk Command Centre space in Home will feature "a new place to socialise and strategise featuring the sand table." The space arrives this week.

From what we've heard, using a three-dimensional "sand table" replication of the level, Warhawk players will be able to lay out their strategies in a properly scaled space. They'll even be able to place little army men avatars around the map to envision their formations, something we hope they can also do with teeny tiny Warhawk planes, tanks and Jeeps.

We've also heard that the Warhawk war room also serve as a launchpad for games, so jumping into a match shouldn't require leaving the Home interface.


    Cool.. about time, was wondering what had happened to this. Recently been getting back into warhawk... its a lot of fun. Doubt i will really use this, but it still sounds cool all the same!

    Just don't go playing in the sand before you go to war... sand in the pants while fighting war is no fun kiddies!

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