What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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With the release next week of The Lost And Damned, I'm going to leap back into GTA IV. Partly because I never actually finished it first time around. But mostly because I've finally come to terms with the fact Rockstar had no intention of making the GTA game I wanted to play. Turns out Volition made that game instead. Maybe now I can return to Liberty City and appreciate it for what it is.

Did anyone pick up F.E.A.R. 2 yesterday? How about Flower? Or maybe you opted for Nerf-N-Strike? No, seriously, what are you playing today?


    My violin.

    Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel
    Test Drive Unlimited
    Call of Juarez
    and maybe some Prey.

    That should keep an old man out of mischief. haha!

    *erch* sorry to say but i'm done with you Kotaku, not only am I sick of wading through page after page of lousy intrusive advertising (your site was enough to prod me into using firefox and an ad blocker for the first time) but now we have to put up with these ridicules posts constantly advertising some garbage no one cares about. Lets see how much revenue you can collect with no readers (and the rate at which your page refreshes sucks quite frankly).

    full version of killzone 2 (opening cinematic is awesome, levels are huge. game play is great). and a full version of 50 cent. yep thats right. god bless working in the industry!!

    Actually you can now add that list Need For Speed Undercover to because I just got home with it. Downloading the patch as I type.
    I just love my Need For Speed.
    The only one I don't have is NFS Underground 'one', but I hope to find it some day.

    I am going to have to Review NFS Underground. hehe!

    Well, I finished Flower yesterday so I wont be playing that today except to show off it's beauty, started on Uncharted this morning because my housemate bought a second (to my first) PS3 on ebay which came with Uncharted and Oblivion.

    Uncharted is really an amazingly well done/beautiful/cinematic game.

    Otherwise, I'm holding my money for SFIV, the best pad I can afford and Killzone 2.

    @ MikeZ: OUCH!

    @ Jim: Jealous!

    I'll be playing the Killzone 2 demo over and over and over and over and over again. :(
    Woe is me!

    @ MikeZ

    Thanks Mike, can you shut the door on your way out?

    @ MikeZ

    What on earth are you going on about? Yeah, the Valkyrie ads were annoying, but I haven't seen anything remotely intrusive since they were removed. I would hardly consider these posts to be advertising -- just because a post name drops a few games doesn't mean the author is trying to spruik something. In case you hadn't noticed, this is a blog about videogames and he's trying to start a discussion. The games he mentioned are also relevant because they only just came out yesterday/today. Quit being a sook.

    I'm playing Gears of War 2

    I'll be playing Chrono trigger on DS, with perhaps a bit of Super Street Fighter 2THDR in an attempt to satisfy my immense desire for SF4.

    Both the US and AUS Kotaku sites posted the "What are you playing this weekend" thread.
    Both mention GTAIV: Lost and the Damned first and foremost.
    Coincidence or just another form of 'viral' marketing?
    At least GameSpot have the integrity to let users know when they are viewing promoted content.
    I just hope Kotaku aren't taking us for suckers.

    I dont work in the industry and I am playing full version of Killzone 2 over the weekend too

    Too bad the online play isnt work yet...

    Yeah, GTAIV. I forgot how good it really is (though I'll admit Saints Row 2 was a splendidly good time).

    Either that, or I'll just go through Orange box for the umpteenth time in some vain hope that it will somehow bring me closer to Episode 3 *sniff*

    *hugs his headcrab plushie*

    To those people who are saying this post is blatant advertising, maybe you should read the post itself. The author was saying he preferred Saints Row 2 to GTA IV, I don't see how that's advertising IV.

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