What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I've never been a big fan of light-gun shooters, but House of the Dead: Overkill for Wii has changed that. Thinking about the reasons why, it's not really the on-rails nature of the genre that has left me cold. Rather, it's the style. For such a disposable type of game, few light-gun shooters have exploited that enough to bring a real sense of fun. The boisterous lunacy of Point Blank did. And now the trashy, expletive-filled, tongue-in-cheek Overkill does, too. I love it and will be playing it all weekend. What will you be checking out?


    Here's a game I wasn't expecting to be that cool, stylish and just plain really good. My hopes for the Wii in 09 are going up.

    I might grab it when I have money again (maybe a friend to play with too).

    Dawn of War 2. It's the best "trying to install a game" simulator yet. I think I'm up to a boss fight now 'cause Steam won't even show my games list anymore!

    FEAR 2. I've just passed the Elementary School, and I must say that it is quite a great game. In terms of atmosphere, sound, music and a welcome mix of creepy environment followed by non-stop warehouse action, FEAR 2 improves significantly upon its predecessor. The story is extremely gripping as well.

    FEAR 2 and Street Fighter IV. I'm just about finished FEAR 2 (which I'll probably end up playing tonight), so tomorrow I'll spend most of the day playing Street Fighter IV. I'm quite crap at it right now...well fighting games in general actually

    Im also playing "install dawn of war II" at first i thought i was winning but now after a reset im at the start of the level again due to high goddam server traffic...

    Lol.. ah yes the DoW Install game xD I thought i'd get home install the sucker and have a quick 5-20 min game.. i was wrong.. it's easily one of the longer marathon boss fights i've done.. took me about 2-3 hours to eventually get everything working xD

    On a side note tho at least the game is actually pretty good.. but pretty much more of a micro management game RTS xD But yes i have to divide my time between DoW2 and HoD: Overkill as well (yes i brought both xD) the gun casings are pretty nifty but unfortunately thanks to the way its made its kinda front heavy so your wrist/hand gets tired a bit quickly xD

    Some Fallout 3 and trying to finish Killzone before Killzone 2 comes out

    Street Fighter IV. Need to unlock most of the extra characters, and get a LOT better at the game! Haven't played any Street Fighter for about 5 years, at least, so I'm seriously out of practice.

    PS. I HATE SETH!!!

    Those comments about Dawn Of War II reinforce my belief that playing games on PC is more trouble than it's worth (yes, I went there).

    I will be actually playing, rather than trying to install, GTA:L&D. At the moment I'm about three hours in and really looking forward to more.

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