What Do Nintendo Consoles Look Like After A House Fire?

Time to find out. Go Nintendo reader PsyduckWarrior owned a Game Boy Advance and a Wii. Or, he did, until a house fire took away the bulk of his and his family's material possessions.

Along with losing the house, their stuff and even their pets, he also lost a treasure trove of Nintendo swag, like every Nintendo console (including a Virtual Boy) and around 250 games. His mum lost a Wii and a DS as well. You can see the remains of the Wii above, while the GBA below fared slightly better, in that it doesn't look like something that belongs in a Fallout 3 commercial.

Sucks the world is down one VIrtual Boy, but there's a silver lining in this storm cloud of a family tragedy: because the family didn't have insurance, Nintendo sent out new, replacement consoles in the form of a GBA and a Wii.

GoNintendo 'End of day' thoughts - Nintendo customer service at its best: Family suffers house fire, Nintendo steps in to replace lost Nintendo items [GoNintendo]


    Hmmm... at first glance, that picture of the melted Wii actually looked like a giant melted plastic house.

    Also, it's always nice when you get upgraded systems from an unfortunate incident such as this. A friend of mine had her house robbed, and was able to upgrade her PS2 into a PS3, and Xbox into an X360 through insurance. Score!

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