What Sells More, Dragon Ball Or Soul Calibur?

'Tis the season for financial results. In keeping with the trend, Namco Bandai released theirs tonight, and amidst all the bean-counting, also revealed some sales figures for their tentpole franchises.

The company as a whole (remember, Namco Bandai do arcade machines, toys and cartoons) ended the quarter with a net income of ¥9,019,000,000 (USD$100 million), so on the off chance you're a shareholder, your money's still good.

More interesting to us are some global sales figures found towards the end of the company's earnings release. They show the following games shifted the following number of units:

Soul Calibur IV - 2.26 million copies
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit - 730,000
WE SKI - 590,000
Gundam Musou 2 - 590,000
Active Life Outdoor Challenge - 550,000
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 - 530,000
Super Robot Wars Z - 510,000
Taiko Drum Master for DS 2 - 500,000
Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam VS. Gundam - 440,000
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - 420,000


    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - 420,000

    That's fairly impressive, one of my friends bought that game only to find that for some reason it is impossible to keep the second player's remote on, meaning that a multi-player game is just not possible.

    @ jakethemush
    Your friend probably has either a faulty game disc or faulty remote, because I've encountered no such problem with it. I've played multiplayer with my own copy and my own remotes at home, and also with a friend's copy and his remotes at his house - I've never seen remote dropouts.

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