What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?

What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?

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The second episode of Good Game’s new series airs tonight at 8:30pm on ABC2. What’ll they be talking about? Junglist is here to tell you.

If one were to look at the retail shelves this week… one might think it’s Christmas! Here’s what you can expect in this jam-packed episode of Good Game:

* Dawn of War 2 – Whether it’s just ambitious, or simply doesn’t want to compete with Starcraft, this sequel is radically different and aims to combine everything good from the first Dawn of War and Company of Heroes.

* F.E.A.R. 2 – Alma is back for a 2nd round of slow-mo FPS and horror hallucinations.

* Killzone 2 – If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s only a matter of time. This beautiful shooter could be the best FPS on the PS3 yet.

* Warhammer – With DoW II coming up we’re inspired to look at the most popular tabletop franchise on this here spinning rock – and the many computer games it’s inspired.

* Plus some new animations, and more, but this week is all about huge releases.

Good Game airs Monday nights @ 8:30pm on ABC2, late Friday nights on ABC1 after jjj TV, and you can download any ep from our website at www.abc.net.au/goodgame – enjoy the show! 🙂



  • thanks for this, hope you keep it up every week. I always forget when the show is on and often it’s on at the same time as something else i want to watch, so would definitely tune in if i know what’s on tonight has something i’m interested in.

  • Agreed, something like this could benefit both teams, advertise on one get advertising in return. Not to mention its always good to try and help the industry.

  • @ LordLeckie

    GG can’t plug Kotaku because it’s run by the ABC, and the ABC needs to retain its impartiality to, well, everything.

  • If you miss it, just go to the abc website and get it on a podcast, I’m never at home, so I watch it on my laptop or ipod, that way I never miss an episode.

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