Wii Fit Targeted By Class Action Lawsuit

Wii Fit has been an exercise in smart marketing by Nintendo. Doesn't matter whether it actually makes you fit or not, you call it Wii Fit, it'll sell! Oh, and it'll also attract lawsuits.

Slightly nutty fitness "guru" Michael Torchia has looked at Wii Fit, and as a slightly nutty fitness "guru", does not like what he sees. He reckons that, via "slick advertising campaigns", people are under the impression Wii Fit actually makes you fit, and are forgoing more effective methods of exercise in favour of Nintendo's product.

Nintendo is contributing to the epidemic of obesity. Young and old are putting away their gym clothes and shying away from going outdoors to play sports, because the addictive appeal to the Wii game products. Just as the tobacco companies created such a false image of their products and hid the potential dangers, so is Nintendo.

In an attempt to stick it to Nintendo - and, of course, safeguard his own livelihood - Torchia is preparing to launch a class action lawsuit against the company.

Sure, he's doing this for self-serving reasons. After all, he's got a vested interest in more "traditional" forms of making money off the overweight. But he still has a point! Wii Fit's actual fitness benefits are questionable at best, and if this ever actually makes it to court, comments from creator Shigeru Miyamoto conceding the point probably won't help Nintendo's cause.

Lawsuit Against Nintendo for The Ill Effects of Their Wii Play Station
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    He'd have a lot more creditability if he didn't use the word guru to refer to himself. It's not the nineties anymore and calling yourself as guru or adding an 'ist' to the end of something rather than spending six years getting a doctorate doesn't actually make you a specialist in that area.

    He also shoots himself in the foot when he calls Wii Fit addictive. Ha ha haaaa, how many people really use Wii Fit with any regularity or just drag it out at dinner parties?

    This is clearly one of the stupid things I've ever read - sue sue sue because you arent good enough at marketing a service that you provide, sue someone who does it better!

    PS love the article heading in the link: Lawsuit Against Nintendo for The Ill Effects of Their Wii Play Station.

    What's a Wii Play Station?

    Lets pray this is a hoax. What are the chances of this "class action" actually making it to court anyway?

    Gotta love America. They sue over any and everything. Honestly Wii Fit can make you fit. People who claim otherwise are doing it wrong. Try doing steps, running and boxing in Wii Fit. Believe me it's not hard to work up a sweat within 15 minutes and then if you continued a workout for 30 minutes to an hour. I'd bet money it can make you fit! The fact is it's possible. It's like saying golf doesn't make you fit because you CHOOSE to ride in a golf buggy around the course instead of walking for 4 hours... I also don't think Wii Fit ever claimed to make you fit either because it's always going to be up the individual and not the tools.

    Ok, now I'm biased (I run www.wiifitforum.org) but still, this seems like a completely baseless and self-serving court case.

    The idea that "Young and old are putting away their gym clothes and shying away from going outdoors to play sports" in exchange for Wii Fit is nonsense. Most people I know who have a Wii Fit either use it to complement their main exercise, or precisely *because* they hate "traditional" forms of exercise like going to the gym.

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