WIN! A Killzone 2 PlayStation 3 Console

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Don't have a PS3 yet? How would you like to win that console bundle up there? Well, I think we might have just the competition for you.

Killzone 2 is out this week - Thursday, in fact. To celebrate the much-anticipated launch, Sony has kindly given us a:
* PS3 console (80GB)
* Killzone 2 t-shirt
* Killzone 2 poster
* Killzone 2 game signed by Steven ter Heide (Senior Producer, Guerrilla Games) and Eric Boltjes (Senior Game Designer, Guerrilla Games)

Sounds good, yeah? Because it's such a fantastic prize, we want the winner to really work for it. We want you to recreate a Killzone-style battle using any medium you wish. Perhaps you'll produce a painting or a drawing? Perhaps you'll film yourself and friends in live action? Perhaps you'll use Lego or design a 3D animation or flickbook or radio play or short story or piece of music? Whatever, it doesn't matter. We're looking for the most impressive, authentic, creative and immersive Killzone 2 art possible. Only one person will win.

You've got until Friday Monday March 2 to get this in. Send your entry - or a link to your entry - to the usual email. And good luck!

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    Dammit, i don't have anytime for stuff like this after work this week so i'm going to have to fashion something from my leftover lunches during my lunchbreak for the week as that's all i'll have time for!

    [Charisma] Any chance you could change the competition requirements to be more along the lines of "tell us X in 25 words or less"?
    Oh wait, that's recreating Fallout 3.

    you guys are having some great competitions at the moment keep it up, just wish I was good enough to win anything lol

    You charmer, you. Charming the pants off those gaming PR people so that they give you freebies!

    Woah woah Friday?! I got an idea for something live action and Friday just isn't gonna cut it! Extension? Pretty please?

    @ J. Dautovic

    Okay okay, I've extended the deadline to Monday to give you all a full weekend.

    I'll think I'll settle with a simple drawing...^^

    David, how would you prefer to receive video entries? I'm working on something and I want to know how best to get it to you - direct download link or YouTube? We're probably looking at around a 60-70MB file at full quality, going by draft saves.

    @ Steve

    Both are fine by me. Youtube will be easier if we're going to show it on the site.

    @ David Wildgoose

    Thanks. I'll send both when I e-mail my entry, so that you can judge it in decent quality but also post it on the site if you see fit.

    Ill be doing an animation.

    I'm a pianist... I might do that

    Video Sent

    Currently woking on my entry.

    Ill give it a go. I'm trying for a thought provoking animation, its going to tight getting it done in time, but hey that's half the fun.

    Finished shooting today, editing and uploading tonight/tomorrow!

    I'm done with my animation. I'll try uploading to Youtube, but if that doesn't work I'll just send the swf.

    Ok I'm getting there, should be done by tomorrow. Though not without some serious lack of sleep, I'm already looking a bit like a helgast

    Email sent, youtube link included!

    Submitted my entry on time :)

    ergh... how did i miss this one... damn, i wudve entered... too late.

    I love the ps3 so much but they are so much money so i hop this dos me good some of the comments are funny

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