WIN! A Killzone 2 PlayStation 3 Console


    I have always wanted a PS3 since it first came out. 4 of my best friends has a PS3 and i am drooling all over it. Its like a dream come true when you play on it. My older bro got a PSP and he was putting it in my face all day. I also like killzone. Its graphics are awesome. The PS3 Rocks!!!

    I have always wanted a ps3 but the price is so high i get so board because i can't afford any gaming console.

    there are some epic games on ps3 like infamous,god of war and uncharted but its unlucky for because i don't have a ps3 aand there overpriced.

    I love playstation but I don't have one and my mum say's I'm not allowed to get one I'm am 18 but still my mum can't get we one and I love ma games so I would love to get one of these "THANKS'

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