WIN! BioShock PS3 Pack With Little Sister Figurine

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Why is that Little Sister crying? Sure, her Big Daddy is obviously not feeling the best. But she's mostly concerned with how 2K made these limited edition Little Sister figurines, then decided to give them away on Kotaku. I'd be crying too if I knew I was soon to end up in your home. Find out how to win one - and more BioShock goodies - beyond the jump.


    So imagine your in Atlantis, and you want to shoot lighning from your hands, NOW YOU CAN! Other improvements are Kill it with FIRE and KILLER BEES. Oh, and there are huge guys in diving suits with drilbits for hands.

    Its about an underwater city, ravaged by confusion and competition, with dominant Big Daddies and Little Sisters fueling the deadly battles and destruction in Rapture

    Shooters with mutants set in post-apocalyptic dystopias make money, right? So let’s make a shooter set in a post-apocalyptic –underwater- world with –underwater- mutants!

    The year is 3080 you are an android zombie on an island airship you must battle vampire pirates and make em your slaves!

    The game I want to make will, more or less, be System Shock 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    Imagine an Art Deco world, submerge it in the ocean, mix in some magic and throw in a pinch of some homicidal lttle girls. Sweet!!

    your this guy who has to battle monsters underwater and you have powers lightning fire and there are little girls who take things from bodys

    It's the 60's, you are sent to an underwater dystopian city. It's got guns, drugs and moral choices. Pretty visuals, survival horror. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

    No pitch, the key to selling this game is three little words.

    Would you kindly… give me the money needed to develop this amazing game.

    An Art Deco/Steampunk mashup underwater city: a failed experiment on human endeavours without higher powers. The player uses standard weapons and "plasmids" which are bio-engineered weapons. It's like "System Shock 2" meets "Atlus Shrugged"!

    It's like my award winning game "System Shock 2", but underwater!

    Think underwater acid tripped blood hungry hippie attacks, communist overtones, combined with an art nouveau style with a story twist and Pipe Mania.

    Imagine, rescuing a bunch of sweet lolitas from their "pimp", drug dealing "Sugar" daddys, who carry a well endowed drill if anyone messes with them.
    And if that doesn't whet your appetite the underwater environment will, because lets face it, no one thought of IT!

    I don't need to justify this to you governmental types. Would you kindly just sign the development costs over.

    Its kind of like System Shock with water and drug themes that should sneak past the Australian Censorship Nazis

    Whatever you want to do you can in this underwater utopia filled with huge divers armed with drillbits for hands. Prepare to enter the Bioshock.

    Underwater Art Deco 50's Utopia, decaying, ruins. Genetic mutation super powers - eg. shoots lightning. Residents: Drug mutated human psychotic killers, hunting you, harvesting your fluids.

    Hello Suits! BIOSHOCK…...three words, ‘movie option offers’.

    Genetic superpowers, guns, horror, violence, all wrapped up in a sexy Irish accent. Would you kindly INDEED.

    Great stuff so far, guys. Just bear in mind the "25 words or less" bit...

    If you've ever read a copy of atlas shrugged, this game just pisses over a copy of that

    System Shock 2, in an flooding underwater steampunk city. Everyone's gone crazy with sick DNA mods in an attempt to make a "better" man, should you also?

    And like sharks with lasers... oh, forget that part, too many words.

    Think - the horror crowd, the arty crowd, the rpg crowd and the fps crowd. This game sells to ALL of them!

    1 cup Lost, 2 parts Japanese obsession for little girls and a sprinkling of System shock 2. Served with an underwater 60s-esque dystopian city. Awesome.

    I make game about underwater city, you make craploads of cash. Then we hold the world ransom for... 1 million dollars Mwahahaha.

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