WIN! BioShock PS3 Pack With Little Sister Figurine

WIN! BioShock PS3 Pack With Little Sister Figurine
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Why is that Little Sister crying? Sure, her Big Daddy is obviously not feeling the best. But she’s mostly concerned with how 2K made these limited edition Little Sister figurines, then decided to give them away on Kotaku. I’d be crying too if I knew I was soon to end up in your home. Find out how to win one – and more BioShock goodies – beyond the jump.


  • So imagine your in Atlantis, and you want to shoot lighning from your hands, NOW YOU CAN! Other improvements are Kill it with FIRE and KILLER BEES. Oh, and there are huge guys in diving suits with drilbits for hands.

  • Its about an underwater city, ravaged by confusion and competition, with dominant Big Daddies and Little Sisters fueling the deadly battles and destruction in Rapture

  • Shooters with mutants set in post-apocalyptic dystopias make money, right? So let’s make a shooter set in a post-apocalyptic –underwater- world with –underwater- mutants!

  • The year is 3080 you are an android zombie on an island airship you must battle vampire pirates and make em your slaves!

  • Imagine an Art Deco world, submerge it in the ocean, mix in some magic and throw in a pinch of some homicidal lttle girls. Sweet!!

  • your this guy who has to battle monsters underwater and you have powers lightning fire and there are little girls who take things from bodys

  • It’s the 60’s, you are sent to an underwater dystopian city. It’s got guns, drugs and moral choices. Pretty visuals, survival horror. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

  • No pitch, the key to selling this game is three little words.

    Would you kindly… give me the money needed to develop this amazing game.

  • An Art Deco/Steampunk mashup underwater city: a failed experiment on human endeavours without higher powers. The player uses standard weapons and “plasmids” which are bio-engineered weapons. It’s like “System Shock 2” meets “Atlus Shrugged”!

  • Think underwater acid tripped blood hungry hippie attacks, communist overtones, combined with an art nouveau style with a story twist and Pipe Mania.

  • Imagine, rescuing a bunch of sweet lolitas from their “pimp”, drug dealing “Sugar” daddys, who carry a well endowed drill if anyone messes with them.
    And if that doesn’t whet your appetite the underwater environment will, because lets face it, no one thought of IT!

  • Its kind of like System Shock with water and drug themes that should sneak past the Australian Censorship Nazis

  • Whatever you want to do you can in this underwater utopia filled with huge divers armed with drillbits for hands. Prepare to enter the Bioshock.

  • Underwater Art Deco 50’s Utopia, decaying, ruins. Genetic mutation super powers – eg. shoots lightning. Residents: Drug mutated human psychotic killers, hunting you, harvesting your fluids.

  • System Shock 2, in an flooding underwater steampunk city. Everyone’s gone crazy with sick DNA mods in an attempt to make a “better” man, should you also?

    And like sharks with lasers… oh, forget that part, too many words.

  • 1 cup Lost, 2 parts Japanese obsession for little girls and a sprinkling of System shock 2. Served with an underwater 60s-esque dystopian city. Awesome.

  • I make game about underwater city, you make craploads of cash. Then we hold the world ransom for… 1 million dollars Mwahahaha.

  • ADAM. EVE. Drugs. Guns. Creepy Little Girls and their Big Daddies. Moral ambiguity. A Man Chooses, A slave follows. What will you be? Welcome to Rapture.

  • Who likes sex?! Well imagine if sex can make you millions of dollars without the need of hiring sleazy directors; that’s where I come in!


    If that doesnt wanna make you listen then i have no idea what will 🙂

  • So we all have little sisters right? Now image if your little sister… and her daddy… in a crazy 60’s underwater city. GOTY IMO!

  • Civilization as we know it is threatened by the evils of objectivism. Fund this game so we can educate the gamers to save the world!

  • 15 years on from Bioshock, all the little sisters, now in their early 20s, get together and play beach vollyball in bikinis. Bikinis = $$$

  • “I was sitting there singing ‘under da sea’ and thought, this is going somewhere, lets roll with it. What do you think guys? … Guys…”

  • It’s a first-person shooter! *cough*set-in-an-underwater-city-overrun-by-genetically-engineered-objectivists-and-spooky-little-girls-with-big-needles*cough*

  • Ok so everything has gone pear shaped, underwater, in a drugged up art deco wonderland. And you go in, and kill children!

  • Gentleman. What seperates a man from a parasite? A man chooses to make lots of money a slave obeys. Would you kindly produce Bioshock?

  • “Ok, basically you can either harvest and kill the little girls, or you can save the little girls, also the little girls kill you and you can only get to them once you dispose of “daddy”.”

  • (since company execs dont want anything new)

    Ok its exactly like every other game we are currently making… except its underwater… and has bright colours… and lightning

  • A game that is brutal, dark, disturbing that everyone will want to play and buy and will get past the censors without any problems.

  • Alternate 60’s Universe. Underwater City. Plance Crash Survivor. Special Powers With Your Hands Shooting Lighting and Fire. Big Machines Protect Little Girls. Let’s Begin.

  • Okay, so remember the sweet underwater city in Phantom Menace? Actually, bad example….um….little girls playing with syringes watched over by their psychotic fathers anyone? Anyone?

  • My entry

    Big brother/little sister incest your thing? No? GREAT! What about philosophy? Doesn’t sell? Fine with us. How about an FPS? Wha, SOLD?

    p.s. @David: can we enter more than once

  • You don’t need to know about the game. Just remember that those pictures from the xmas party wont be leaked if you fund this game.

  • We need to show that we don’t hate the 2K Australia team. Just let them make something up and we’ll roll with it…

  • I’m going to make a game where it’s okay to kill little girls. Don’t worry, the parents will love it. I swear.

  • (Singing in tune) Under the sea, under the sea
    Darlin’ it’s better down where it’s wetter
    Take it from me!

  • Alright heres my pitch. For every copy you sell, Andrew Ryan from accounting will let you sleep with his wife. Where do we sign?

  • Imagine the end of the world. No memory. No idea where you are What’s going on? You see the city of Rapture. Forget hope. Survive.

  • Surviving a plane crash, you wash up on an isolated rock with a hatch to a Randian, Steampunk Atlantis, but things are far from utopian.

  • “Its a new take on FPS. More to do, longer play time, dark and intruiging story, brutality, hope lost, twisted ideas. I guaruntee it will sell “

  • Your planes crashes over the Atlantic,You swim for safety and find an underwater city.You were safer in the ocean, want to know why?

  • “Imagine this – you find yourself in what is supposed to be an underwater utopia… instead you find it’s more like fruitopia”

  • Your plane crashes in the middle of the ocean and find yourself pulled into an genetically spliced civil war, Who do you trust?

  • Your crazy ex-girlfriend wanders about, that guy with the hook from that teen horror flick, and a reference to an Australian paedophile…

    Welcome to Rapture!

  • “It’s a game that’s basically one big f*** you, to the player, by making them think they’re in control, when they’re actually mindless sheep. Mwahahahaha!”

  • I ate chocolate acid at Charlie’s Chocolate factory. An Oompa Lumpa told me this story about this magical place under the sea. Let’s go there…

  • I travelled into the future and found out that this game would turn out successful and win a heap of awards. Give me money now!

  • “Think ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ had a severe lack of drug-crazed freaks, Django Reinhart and infanticide? You aren’t alone.”

  • Okay, so the creepy girl from The Ring, she finds her daddy, who lives in a 44 gallon drum and beekeepers helmet, and then they go to live in Walt Disney’s ketamine induced coma vision of the future. Simple.

  • Think of a decayed, submarine, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann inspired world where the player takes on genetically enhanced remnants of humanity in a superbly re-imagined FPS.

  • Its about little girls and over protective fathers living in a submarine and you’re some dude who is there an acid trip. There’s nude statues.

  • Explore the world of Rapture, a place where a man can create, with no accusations, just friendly crustaceans, under the sea.

  • It’s System Shock 2 underwater in a batman animated series art deco world. In it youll kill little girls with steampunk weapons and fire hands.

  • The mood: meeting of executives
    The room: a penthouse on mt everest
    The words: hi pls fund dis biosh0ck gaem kthxbai

  • This game has a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning!!

    (NOTE: the “gun” and “shurikens” may be subject to change).

  • the biggest played game on ps3 console is…… “an update is available…..” lets give back to the community lets give them something else to play

  • First-Person adventure in a retro sci-fi sunken atlantis. Dark, dank and dangerous. Induce various mutations in yourself to survive… Just don’t lose your humanity!

  • Bioshock: a beautiful underground playground where you get to fight for your life with guns and magic against the unimaginable; a perfect paradise.

  • Bioshock: a beautiful underground playground where you get to fight for your life with guns and magic against the unimaginable; a perfect paradise.

  • In a land before time, one man must take a stand to fight the injustice in his world. BIG DADDY II – Little Sister Gone Wild.

  • OK an Art Deco Underwater city! all the powers of the Xmen! Giant bosses in Diving suits named after pedophiles! and a shotgun that shoots lightning!!

  • A neo-horror FPS based in a underwater metropolis, using customizable weapons and special powers to survive and save the little sisters.

  • Before I called you tonight, I was home …thinking about dropping the toaster in the bath, i did, this was the result…debauched, voltaic, goodness!

  • Somewhere beyond the sea
    Somewhere waiting for me
    Big daddies stand
    With their big hands
    Watching the girls
    Who like adam and eve

  • You unknowingly arrive in a once utopian underwater city. Now an anarchist state, you must fight, survive and discover the truth behind the city’s downfall.

  • If you don’t give us the money, we are going to Nintendo. They love family oriented games with Big Daddy’s and Little Sisters.

  • You know that dream where you’re falling, and you get so scared that you wake up? THe game will do that every two minutes.

  • So if I approve this game, I get this bag of weed, lifetime membership to Hooters and this endless keg of ale?

    Um… yes?


  • So there’s a massive dude in an ancient diving suit and huge drill. And a little girl with a huge needle…gun…thing. Other stuff happens too!

  • Imagine you in “10,000 league” deep sea and travel into the “Disneyland’s Underwaterworld” where everyone wearing cartoon mask welcome you with surprise…..WELCOME TO RAPTURE…..

  • Imagine Super Mario Bros, with guns and fire and lightening and robots and princesses to rescue. All set underwater. Oh, there’s no plumbers.

  • The ocean is dark, cold, mysterious, dangerous and exciting. Imagine a city whose inhabitants are imbued with the same qualities. Combine both and add explosions.

  • Harvest little girls, change your genes to facilitate superhuman powers such as shooting a swarm of bees into steroid induced scuba divers. This is Bioshock.

  • To live, to swim, to swim. Perchance to dream. There’s the rub… Ha ha, rub! For in that swim of death what dreams may come.

  • If you had the ability to create your own civilization, what would it look like? Where would it be? Andrew Ryan had that ability. BIOSHOCK!

  • An underwater city, inhabited by civilians, years ahead of its time, providing a better life for those who dream it…now kill everything in it!

  • Everything you could ever posiibly need in a Game, Lightning, Killer Bees, Fire guns and Giant Suit where Drill people. Lifes great in rapture

  • ‘Would you kindly’ let us tell you, that its going to make you tons of money… Killer bee’s?! Underwater world?! Harvesting little girls and BIG astronaughts with Drills?! Would you KINDLY let us make this game.

  • The perfect society, isolated from the world, driven into chaos from the desire for genetic perfection. Do you embrace the madness, sacrificing others to survive?

  • Think Jules Verne…think under the sea…imagine a city from the 50’s in there. Imagine uniqueness of the game in current fps crowd…guaranteed sales.

  • A game to make South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson drop to the floor, curl up into the foetal position and cry for his mummy.

  • The perfect money-making strategy:
    -release as a 360 exclusive so the 360 fanboys hype it up
    -then release it on PS3 a year later!

  • Picture Super Mario Brothers, add another dimension, set it underwater, mix in the hit show brothers and sisters, you’ve got 2008 game of the year!

  • Of course my strategy to ship the Limited Editions with broken Big Daddy figurines so that we have to send out replacements is profitable!

  • The story of FF7, the Horror of RE4, the Perfect FPS of Halo, the chocies of KOTR and add water lots and lots of water!

  • Characters called Big Daddy, Little Sister, an underworld 50’s setting. Too arthouse? It’s an FPS, with a marketable difference. It’ll sell a tonne!

  • BIOSHOCK is an update of classic puzzler PIPE DREAM. Throw in a hi-def FPS environment (read: glorified lobby system) and sell it for $100!

  • So we took terminator and took him back to 1850 to be rebuilt steampunk style then send him to 3050 to do battle.

  • “We’re going to build on the success of all previous games by making another clone. With better graphics! *Mumbles ‘And a really, really, weird setting…’*”

    (25 words exactly! Woo!)

  • A dream gone wrong. A dark underwater city, once so beautiful, now lost to unspeakable horror.

    Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. Madness.

    Survival. At any cost?

  • “We live in a world where the importance of one’s perception in assessing an objective reality makes us human. Bioshock will drastically blur this idea.”

  • Levine: “OK, no? Well, how about this… Preteen girls, violence, giant drills and magical powers in an underwater setting?”

    Levine: “…And a wrench”

    Board: “GOTY!”

  • All games have hero’s, one man armies! We need helpless, you know, helpless, like a little girl needing a dad! There, thats it!!!Big Daddies!!!

  • So, it’s a sci-fi FPS right, with philosophy… an FPS… no, an FP… fine, it’s a Halo-killer… Thankyou, that amount will do nicely.

  • Imagine atmosphere the likes of which have never been seen in gaming to date. Couple it with story and our pedigree. Leave to cool, serve.

  • A world which brings into question what utopia means
    and the price we could pay for it.
    …*crickets chirp*…
    …and bees shoot out of your freakin’ arm.
    *rapturous applause*

  • I’ll say one word. A game about NOTHING.

    No? Okay, let’s make a game like Waterworld and throw in steam powered mutants with big drills.

  • I have this idea. An underwater city. A failed utopia. Giving the player choices in how they tackle their enemies. A story about free will.

  • It’s System Shock right, but under da sea, cause darling its better, down where its wetter take it from meeee. So can I have money?

  • 20,000 leagues below in a dystopian city ravaged by a war, the player must make moral-challenging choices in an effort to survive and discover.

  • So you wanna shoot fireballs from your hands and not dress in blue overalls and painters cap? then Bioshock is the game for you!

  • Imagine a steampunked isolated underwater utopia meets Atlas Shrugged!! Now add in the formula which made System Shock 2 such a cult hit!!

  • A song and dance number featuring big daddies and little sisters in low cut tops and miniskirts. All performed underwater in a shark infested tank.

  • First you go underwater, then you learn to shoot lightning bolts, then you kill little girls, then you get more powers!

  • Bioshock: The life of Paris hilton
    With all the money she gets from doing nothing Paris decides to build an underwater society! DA DA DA!
    Things begin to get ugly as her children begin to control big guys with drills on their arms called Big Daddies (aka Mr Huggles) *Another twist in the plot*
    This is one mans journey to overthrow Paris Hiltons reign!!!

  • A fallen eutopia which makes you questions your morals at every stage. High octane action broken up by a masterfully written store ensures perfect pacing.

  • We’ll lull them with a little girl, then scared the pants off them with a hulking giant and pick their pockets while they’re running away.

  • You control History – You are contracted to teleport back in time to change world events. All of the best and worst moments in history can be saved or changed. Play good or evil. RPG Style

  • BioShock is a revolution in the shooter genre that will forever change the expectations for the FPS. Going beyond run and gun corridors and static worlds, BioShock creates a living, unique and unpredictable gaming experience.

  • Andrew Ryan has created the ultimate underwater dystopia. You must survive a power struggle, crazed inhabitants and your own mind in this definitive survival experience.

  • Underwater distopia… Diving suited dudes protect weird girls who drink blood and change it into the stuff you need for cool powers… The choice, how you get’em.

    …and there’s a twist!

  • I am Ken Levin and I am here to ask you a question:
    Is a man not entitled to a truely epic new IP?

    No, says the man at EA. He deserves poorly made sequals.
    No, says the man at Midway. He deserves mediocre crossovers.
    No, says the man at Bizzard. He deserves to WAIT!.

    I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something
    different. I chose the impossible. I chose…

  • The family bond, working that daughter/father aspect, showing the importance of relationships, but with danger! It the Sims with a twist! Can’t lose!

  • Underwater mayhem, monster trucks (not really), giant octopi (not really) and a range of plasmids that will change your life. Come and see freakishly obsessed doctors and angry mutants on your tour through the dank world of Bioshock.

  • It involves an underwater city, giant monsters and little girls. It’s got some kind of weird pedo vibe going on. I’m sure it will sell well in Japan!

  • I’d walk into the meeting and shoot a swarm of killer bees at the execs.

    Then I’d tell them, “Imagine that, but in a game!”

  • Its Halo meets the Ring meets Final Fantasy. Sprinkle in some humour and jazz, with a shocking twist, and it’ll sell by the ton.

  • Remember the Christmas party at the aquarium when we got on H with the promo girls and I found that diving suit … wait a mintute!

  • Ken: The idea is for a horror FPS/RPG mix that will revolutionise gaming! It’ll cost $X,000,000! Suits: What can you do with 20% of that?

  • KEN: Another sequel to System Shock, but set…UNDERWATER!!!

    2K: Is that it?

    KEN: Well, we can add super-powers, I suppose…

    2K: SOLD!!!

  • Ken: Another System Shock sequel…but set UNDERWATER!!!

    2K: That’s it?

    Ken: uh…with…uh….superpowers! Yeah!

    2K: SOLD!!!!

  • Hunt down and murder mutant diving monsters to loot their immortal preteen corpse-plundering companions and buy superpowers with guilt and broken dreams as currency.

  • “Remember how Rockstar are putting a penis in one of their expansion packs, this involves little girls dying, the parents will go nuts!….”

  • Surveys show gamers WANT a world where glowing eyed girls wield needles, their Daddy wears diving suits with drills, and where Adam goes inside them.

  • If you don’t let me make this game I’ll send a big daddy to your house.

    What’s a big daddy.

    Oh you’ll find out.

  • Okay, first think about the worst game ever. Okay…got that? Okay, now get this, Bioshock will be completely opposite of that game. You’ll love it.

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