WIN! Monolith-Signed F.E.A.R. 2 Xbox 360 Pack

WIN! Monolith-Signed F.E.A.R. 2 Xbox 360 Pack

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Here you can see some crazed Darlinghurst local trying to steal the F.E.A.R. 2 prize packs from us. But it’s okay, we fought her off and they’re now safely stored away, just waiting for four enterprising Kotaku readers to claim them. Could that be you? Read on.

We’re giving away one F.E.A.R. 2 pack per day for the next four days. Each pack contains:
* A copy of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin for Xbox 360, personally signed by the developers at Monolith
* A F.E.A.R. 2 t-shirt
* A F.E.A.R. 2 Field Guide
* A F.E.A.R. 2 double-sided poster

Now, to be in the running to win, we want you to come up with a videogame-related phobia. For example, you might write “Alma-phobia: a fear of spooky little girls in red dresses”. Of course, if you actually wrote that, you’d not only be ripping me off, you’d also have no chance of winning because it isn’t very funny. So, be funny! Be clever! Be original!

Leave your fictional games-related phobia in the comments below – and make sure you leave your real email address in the relevant field so we can contact you. We’ll be choosing one winner each day, so if you don’t win today you can try again tomorrow. You’re welcome to enter multiple times, but not with the same phobia. Remember, it must be related to games – any game, not just F.E.A.R. 2. Good luck!

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  • Finitophobia: the absolute terror you feel when realising you’re on the last level and there’s just no way you can extend the game….

  • CrAcrophobia: Extreme fear of heights and stomach churning vertigo induced whilst levelling up powers and jumping from rooftops in Crackdown.

  • Checkpointophobia – fear of unnecessary level repetition, just because you Might have looked away from the computer for a moment and got minced in the meantime… (looking at YOU, Dead Space…)

  • AustinPowers-phobia

    Fear of discovering that the girl in your guild who you have been chatting up for the past 2 months is packing some extra fruit and veg in her pants.

  • Teabagophobia : the fear of awful kill/death ratio and humiliation if you resort to visiting the bathroom mid-round, often resulting in permanent bladder damage (but an awesome rank).

    Treatment: Girlfriend. 😉

  • Goombaphobia – The fear of anthropomorphic toadstools sidling malevolently back and forth across your path.

  • Uwebollophobia: The fear that your favourite title may just be raped and murdered (though not necessarily in that order) by a German idiot.

  • “Kleptomanic OCD” A deep seated desire to find and take anything of remote value in a game in case of future need only to never ever use the huge stockpile of weapons/armour/spells they have in case they need it later.

  • A couple here:
    Goldaphobia – the fear of not being able to download the latest demo and being ostracised because you’re only “Silver”

    Homerphobia – An irrational reaction to the sight of the latest Simpsons monstrosity

    Clipophobia – The fear of having your arm melt through the side of a solid brick wall, and not come out again, causing reload

    Emophobia – The fear that if you play too many JRPG’s, you might wake up with outrageous hair and a tendancy to be mugged in the street by unseen monsters

  • XBOX Live Shame phobia- The fear that fellow gamers are judging you because your recent played games list includes the likes of “Are you smarter than a fifth grader” and “Disney Sing It”

  • Escortophobia: the palpable tension and frustration that builds when required to escort an NPC through generally-difficult situations.

  • Yoko-phobia : fear of having to be the ‘brave guy’ who puts the first slug into the L4D witch and gets her undivided attention…

  • Cave-phobia: That cave in Harvest Moon for SNES freaked me out. Yes, it was Harvest Moon, but I didn’t know what was in there the first time I played it. I bring an axe on all of my subsequent trips now.

  • Grindophobia: the fear of needing to plod through repetitive tasks to attain a rank or level necessary to remotely enjoy a title.

  • Ewok-phobia: I was afraid that while i was conquering the universe for the empire in Star Wars Battlefront, that i would be punched down below by one of the Ewok Locals.

  • D’jour-ophobia : the (rational) fear that your expensive gaming hardware investment may be flaccid and useless within a year (or already almost obsolete if you went for the high-res screen), prompting repeated bouts of wild thrashing about with a visa card at online retailers…

  • [sorry for the double-post, but just to clarify: The word “xylem” is derived from classical Greek xylon, meaning “wood”] hey – who said you cant learn stuff from da webberinter

  • Peripheralophobia – The fear of looking like a complete tosser to the neighbours that drives you to close all the blinds before playing Guitar Hero or any game requiring fake plastic intstruments.

  • Multitaptapiphobia: Fear of Quick Time Events
    Boraphobia: Fear of unskippable cutscenes
    Portaphobia:Fear of beloved games changing consoles and suffering as a result
    Voltaphobia: Fear of controller batteries expiring while experiencing aggravated Multitapiphobia
    Ofalaciphobia: Fear of a game being neutered to suit Australian ratings standards (See also Atkinson’s Syndrome; irrational fear of adults making informed decisions)
    Sequeliphobia: Fear of a favored game spawning an unworthy sequel (See chapters ‘Mercenaries’, and ‘Interstate ’76’)
    Campiphobia; Fear of idiots while playing online shooters
    Tomclanciphobia: See Campiphobia
    Marveliphobia; Fear of utilising current generation console technology when making super-hero games
    Rigidserpentiphobia: Fear of skipping convoluted dialogue because you may miss the one shred of information that’s relevant.
    Halophobia: Fear of posturing children berating you on Live
    Spousalchatiphobia: Fear of inadvertently agreeing to something your wife says when you’re busy enduring any of the above phobias and ending up at your in-laws for the weekend.
    Fanbophobia: Fear of being told why the console you like isn’t as good as the one someone else likes.
    Marshallstackiphobia: Fear that your actual musical timing skills will be irrelevant when playing rhythm/music games (see also Multitapiphobia)
    Dammitiphobia: Fear that you can’t access remote play via PSP on your PS3 while stuck at your inlaws.

  • Tennis-Elbowphobia : fear of RSI from excessive Wario on the wii, and the accompanying fear of others mistaking it for … you know … the other thing … the one linked with wookie-palm syndrome … they talk about it a lot over at fleshbot … why are you all looking at me like that??

  • LOLlypopguildophobia – Circus Midgets Phobia. I always hated the circus for this reason. “The Combatribes” is a game where I got to beat them up 😀

  • barrellophobia – this is a multi-faceted phobia. It can first manifest itself as a simple fear of exploding barrels. Exploding barrels can be found generally in tight corridors. Not necessarily where barrels are found in real life. The phobia can develop intense fear in sufferers. Later the phobia can manifest itself as an abhorrence for any gaming related cliche. Sufferers have been known to experience barrellophobia with extreme exposure to med packs and wooden crates. This can lead to hallucinations of oversized pixelated gorillas throwing barrels.

  • Similar, so together…

    CTDophobia (pron. ‘kuh-tid-oh-foh-bee-uh’): The fear of spontaneous game crashes losing hours of gameplay after stupidly failing to save.

    RRoDophobia (pron. ‘ruh-rod-oh-foh-bee-uh’): The fear of stumbling upon the infamous signal of 360 failure.

  • Californiphobia – The fear that your Assassin or Prince of Persia will bust out and start calling everyone DUDE!

    Gordonphobia – the fear that you have gone inexplicably mute and can no longer communicate with anyone, also where did my feet go?

  • Collectaphobia – The fear of an attack of OCD triggering collection mechanics in a game. Most common triggers include Pokemon, Viva Pinata and the concept of Acheivements

  • Moonwalkaphobia – a fear that someday Michael Jackson will one day appear in a game and turn into a cadillac. Oh wait…

  • wifemayaskmetodosomework-phobia: The fear of actually realising that you only have 5 mins before your wife goes ballistic on you, but you’ve got 10 min to get to the next save point. “I just need to get to the next checkpoint”….(even though you’ve just gone through one)

  • Pinaphobia – the fear of playing a “kiddie” game, only to find yourself up to 2am trying to entice one more pinata into your garden (but never admitting it)

  • Moonwalkerphobia – Afraid of playing micheal jackson moonwalker incase he leaps through the screen and takes you to neverland

  • Threepwood-phobia: You are afraid of falling asleep while not gaming due to the serious condition and fear of being subdued into sleep which turns into a coma, in which you have to endure a life time of punts and bad jokes while being Guybrush Threepwood in an even more twisted version of Monkey Island… R.I.P.

  • Acronymophobia – Though not limited to gaming, this is an irrational fear of particular genres (RPG, FPS, RTS, MMORPG), particular games (GTA, SSF2THDR, STALKER, FEAR), game play mechanics (QTE, HUD, EP) and online gaming expressions (FTW, ROFLMAO, OMG, WTF).

  • RyuKen-o-phobia: Discovered by Professor Gouken PHD and his young budding test lab assistants Ken Masters and Ryu.
    A phobia of playing any fighting games, as they discovered that every single character ever made
    turned out to be a cheap cliche husk/ripoff of themselves.

  • Dead-space-a-phobia: fear of lack of Southpaw (lefthanded) controls. Derives from the frustrating lack of southpaw controls in recent video game Dead Space. Also known as “Goldeneyetis” due to a whole generation of gamers growing up using the “1.2 Solitaire” control scheme and being unable to use any other set-up in console FPS games for the rest of their lives.

  • Alagaphobia [ah-lag-ah-foh-bee-uh]

    An irrational fear of lag.

    The word “alagaphobia” is an English adaptation of the Geek cry “Argghh!!! LAAAAAG!!! LAAAAAG!!!” when in the presence of lag. With a stiff body, arm and finger fully erect, pointing at the offending lag, this would be screamed for the surrounding Geeks to hear before curling into the fetal position.

    Lag has been prevalant since ancient Geek times, and still appears today. However, as Geeks have now moved into older age, there are a larger amount of alagaphobics well into their adult years. According to the National Office of Lame Alagaphobic Gamers (N.O.L.A.G), approximately 78% of all alagaphobics are adults. Of all adults, a handful have been known to carry on a certain symptom seen in child alagaphobics. This can be identified by a prolonged rant, or nag, in relation to the lag. This is referred as an alaganagic fit.

  • Katamari-phobia. the fear of being crushed and balled up along with your neighbors, dogs, chickens and over sized sushi.

  • Yogi-Phobia – Fear that while doing yoga the instructor is going to give you a yoga noogie and then throw fireballs at you.

  • Moworkphobia – the irrational fear that one day, sick of asking “More work?” your ugly green orc peasants will revolt and destroy your beautiful orc village. Most commonly seen in korean gaming dens after 60+ hours of warcraft..

  • Failaphobia – The feeling you get when the next level of a new horror-survivor game starts to load and your afraid that this time it might just be “Brown Trousers” time.

  • Achievement whoraphobia: The fear of having an achievement whore appear in your room and kill you as you’re about to get an achievement so they can get their next fix.

  • YOUCANNOTBEF@#%$NSERIOUSophobia – FEAR of reaching a point in a game where you can’t continue on (lack of weapons, skill, bug), but can’t go back (Gears of War 1 ending (didn’t have enough ammo left))

  • girlfriendcontrollerdestrutionophobia – Fear of your girlfriend smashing your controller against a wall after she wanted to play a game with you and losing (be very careful guys, a mate of mine has lost a PS3 controller to it and I’ve almost lost my Rockband drum kit to it)

  • campaphobia – This is a F.E.A.R. of those pathetic weak gamers that choose to hide (camp) in 1 spot on a map that is sometimes almost im-penetrable by real gamers. They consistently lay prone and ping you all off 1 by 1. Campers often choose an area on the map that is a known “spawn” point. Therefore as you spawn you face an instant “spawn death”.

    yeah you all know who you are!!!

  • Accentaphobia – The irrational fear that everyone will suddenly start speaking in Valve’s amazingly satirical attempt at an Australian accent.

  • Restartaphobia: The fear that you’re damn well near the end of the game and the difficulty has gone from do-able to insane and there’s no way to change it once the game has been started.

  • Fable2phobia – The fear that the sequel to your favourite game will be signifigantly shorter in order to apeal to a more casual market.

    Fablephobia2 – The constant fear that any step in any direction in Fable 2 will cause your game to freeze and/or become corrupt or your family will bug out beyond repair destorying the emotional conection that Peter Molyneux worked so hard to create.

    Fablefobia – The fear that some DLC will cuase your game to freeze and/or become corrupt.

    Phoble – The fear that your Fable 2 disc is one of the 15% that is apparrently stuffed to begin with.

    Fablefear – The constant fear you will press the wrong D-pad button and consume food that will make you fat.

    Atkinsonphobia – The fear Micheal Atkinson realy does know his postition is helping children get access to adult games and that this is exactly his intention.

    Catstrophicfailurephobia – The fear that the slightest drop in frame-rate, disc whirring noise, graphical glitch, loading screen that is slightly longer than normal or unintended pause in the game will result in a complete crash and loss or corruption of saves.

    Ashlands syndrome – Not to be confused with physical diseases common in the ashlands of Morrowind such as the blight or yellow tick, the constant fear that at any moment somewhere there is a cliff-racer racing to attack you. Sufferers may also experience symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder such as hearing squawking sounds from behind when no such sound is present.

    Platphobia – The fear that the platform you chose to buy a game for will subsequently be the least supported by the developers.

    Falloutphobia – The fear that you will wake up and the world will have changed to resemble that in fallout except there is no V.A.T.S or skill points to make up for your inadequate survival skills which you could have devolped instead of playing videogames.

    E.Tphobia – Fear of movie game tie-ins, this fear has yet to be proven irrational.

    Lotrophobia – Fear of big red dragon statues, treatments include, shiny blue objects, banners, music and standing in a ring of white stones.

    Piratephobia – The unfounded fear that PC gaming will die and you will be forced to buy a *shudder* console.

    Don’t-look-at-the-screen-phobia – The constant fear that whilst a sex scene or scen of sexual nature is being played in a videogame someone will unexpectedly burst into the room (in the worst case, parents), this phobia is very commonly found amongst video game players who own an uncensored copy of The Witcher.

  • AirVentPhobia – Fear of those bloody air vents the aliens burst out of in Dead Space, their everywhere! After playing that game I get scared walking around buildings with air vents in the roof.

  • Impossibly Random Encounter Syndrome – The fear of an infinite amount of ‘random’ encounters occurring as soon as a save point is in sight to prevent you from saving.

  • Valvephobia – The fear of turning valves. This renders many gamers useless in most modern day games trying to implement a puzzle.

  • Overhypaphobia – Fear of your favourite game being so overhyped that it’s a complete disappointment come launch.

  • CRATEOPHOBIA:A fear of Crates.
    Forcing you to die of starvation or unable to stock up of ammo as the though of getting near to break them open makes you feel nautious.
    Also by not taking cover behind them would also end your life quickly as you prefer a quick death by staying out in the open of your enemies line of sight than hide/use those crates.

  • Arenaphobia – Fear of large open areas because you know a boss will emerge from the group.

    Moviephobia – Fear of unskippable cutscenes that go on and on and on.

    Hollywoodphobia – Fear of your favourite game being turned into a horrible movie or vice versa.

    Lagophobia – Fear of l-l-laging when FPSing online.

    Corridoraphobia – Fear of corridors. The fact that all the doors don’t seem to open except the one straight ahead multiples the fear.

  • Fear of the cliche of the red, or occasionally yellow, exploding barrels that inevitably shows up in every modern FPS, and even winding up in other genres.

    It’s a very debilitating fear, in today’s video game market…

  • Headcrabophobia
    An intense feeling of helplessness and fear unless you carry around a crowbar at all times.

  • ennuiphobia – an absolute fear of boredom resulting from horrid gameplay and narrative structures, resulting in the near inability to bring ones self to even play most games

  • Ashleyphobia/Alyxophobia: An aversion to Escort Missions

    Androgonophobia: A fear of JRPG protagonists

    Diagonophobia: An impending fear of failure due to an inability to perform precise movements using an Xbox360 D-pad.

  • Addi-phobia: the fear of becoming addicted to drugs in fallout 3. Commonly treated with a small dose of “load game”

    Case-phobia: an extreme fear of placing discs back in their cases. (now a lot of people i know have this.. it is easily solved by cutting off the lending of discs, and also laughing at them when their own discs don’t work)

    Wowo-phobia: a fear that takes hold when you look at your World Of Warcraft discs and think “hrm, maybe i’ll jump back in”.. and then remember what the vent servers were like.. and the barrens chat… and everything about the fucking game.

    Carto-phobia: an extreme fear that takes hold when no matter how hard you blow into a cartridge, it’s still not working.

  • Cliffobia – A fear of games that Cliff Bleszinski has come in contact with.

    Is a subsidiary of Epic-phobia.
    May also be related to Gearsophobia

  • Thighaphobia
    A fear of women with abnormally large thighs.

    The fear of achievements, which renders playing Xbox 360 nigh impossible.

  • Punctophobia: The fear of extreme punctuation used in titles
    Cakeisalie-phobia: the fear of memes relating to games

  • Rage-spill-phobia
    The fear of a friend being PWNED and at LAN and rage smashing there keyboard into your drink and spilling it all over your tower, causing it to explode and shoot the contents of your pc into your shins.

    The continuing fear that while you spend the night in emergency having pieces of graphics card removed from your shin your friends bind w to “kill”

  • Annoyophobia: The fear of this page refreshing itself and deleting all your typed up phobias. Ah, the game that is life.

    Findophobia: The fear of Left 4 Dead’s user match-making system not being able to find any of the many available servers that can be seen by checking the server history, and thus either getting caught in a searching loop or having to play on a local server.

    Girlophobia: A fear of hearing a female speak on their microphone in an online video game and having to prove yourself to your imaginary peers by taunting her sexistly or hitting on her. Common amongst young males.

  • red-ring-aphobia – Fear of your xbox dying before you can finish the game.(happened to me during Gears of War 2)

    DNF-aphobia – Fear of being lost in another dimension because you find a copy of Duke Nukem Forever on the shelves

    Censor-aphobia – Fear of the Australian Classification Board refusing classification to a game you’ve been looking forward to.

    Bad-save-Phobia – Fear of Saving the game 1 second before a guy bursts through the door and shoots you dead.(Max Payne 2, 2 hours practicing dodging that shotgun)

    U-boll-aphobia – Fear of your favorite game being bastardised by germans.

  • Lostinstubbsphobia
    [noun] A fear that your parents/siblings/signifigant other/friends will walk in on you whilst watching the full-frontal nudity scene from GTA IV’s The Lost and Damned

  • Regretaphobia- Fear of forking out $100 for a brand new game, only to get home and realise it is a total piece of rap

  • PEBMACaphobia – the fear of having your skill level at an online game labelled as hacks due to others lack thereof.

  • Canisderideophobia: The intense fear of being ridiculed by a dog. Especially prevelant in hunters.

    See “Dog Chuckles: A Study in Humiliation and Impotence” C. Hunt, 1985. Dunt Press.

  • Boostjuiceaphobia – The fear you have become a mere pawn in someones attempt to gain an achievement that requires excessive multiplayer time and you are powerless to stop it.

    10G-a-phobia – A rare disease where you are so desperate you would do anything (including selling your first born child) for a mere 10G achievement that somehow after 2 weeks of trying, still haven’t achieved

  • Cacheophobia: The fear and tension instilled by the discovery of an un-guarded room full of Health and Ammo – the classic warning sign of impending wompage.

  • Veloxpecuniaphobia: The crippling fear that, yes, games pluralizing with ‘Z’ instead of ‘S’ are among the most popular titles on the Wii.

  • PHLANGIEMONGULARPHOBIA – Fear of RSI from playing to many computer and console based games (commonly caused by button mashing)

  • Gearsaphobia – The fear of wearing the armour of the ‘Gears’ from Gears of War 2 during combat because it offers no protection for the face and head, rendering the player vulnerable to headshots, bumps, and bruises.

  • Persianphobia: Fear of Elika Not saving you whilst you fall from Eureka Towers!

    Pediophobia: Fear of all Dolls turning into “little demon dolls that walk and then explode”

  • HogBoringIrritatingPhobia: Fear of yourself turning into a boring , slow and irritatingly clumsy WereHog, everynight and never returning again !!

  • nonrescuesexophobia – fear that after risking ones life to rescue a princess/damsel from certain doom, no sexual reward will be given

  • plegerekillenophobia – the rational fear of spawning as a level 1 character and immediately being ambushed by twenty level 70 characters, often resulting in character death and extreme player frustration and possible discontinuation of playing the game or character.

  • Yoshi-tongue phobia – Fear of yoshi’s wet tongue wrapping around you and being pulled into his mouth, as you’r merrily walking around in a park. Then coming out as an egg.

  • OhMyGodWhoopsAPhobia – The fear of accidentily unplugging your friends controller during a match when they’re beating you at Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.

  • leetophobia – the fear of playing with/in the presence of others lest they find your skills inferior

    realityphobia – the fear a non-gamer will ask what your hobbies are

  • xregionaphobia – The fear that when Xbox Live has new DLC, you’ll be unable to download it due to Microsoft not allowing you to update your accounts country after you move country.

  • …phobia (pron: /ɪˈlɪpsɪfoʊbiə/): Fear of your favourite IP being relentlessly prostituted year after year for corporate profit.

  • Deeenteephobia: Fear of mind-bendingly bad and pointlessly long 4-minute trailers.

    Ozgamerphobia/OzGamer’s Syndrome: Fear that, while innocently browsing the interwebz, you will be accosted by spoilers for that brilliant game that has yet to make it to your home country from Japan.

    Flashkickophobia: The fear that when you are crouching in preparation for the killing blow, your opponent will simply throw a fireball at you.

    Sandwichofunlockingphobia: Fear of horrid video game dialogue.

  • Developerphobia – The fear that a game developer will put frustrating levels in the game.
    Frustraphobia – The feeling of rage when said developer ignores all common sense and puts in something that is as much fun as a conrete enema doused in petrol.
    and its close cousin – Extractaphobia – The fear of having to remove ones embedded controller from the TV/person.

  • Geekaphobia. A fear off being a puney pimple ridden glass wearing hi pitched voice geek who cant get any love from the opposite sex.

  • Didn’t realise you had to put it in the original post 😛

    Aldarisophobia – Irrational fear of insufficient pylons.

  • Gankaphobia – The fear of being killed at any moment in an MMO, leading to a sudden desire to play single player games.

  • Slephobia – An irrational fear that your BETA applications will be approved then subsequently denied for not immediately accepting the invitation whilst you were sleeping.

    Signs that you may have developed this Phobia are:
    – Restless Sleep (also known as “ReleaseDay Sleep”)
    – Sleeping in the loungeroom
    – Setting up scripts to auto refresh said BETA’s website every 30 seconds for latest news

  • borkborkborkaphobia – Fear of the swedish chef… HE HAS NO EYES BUT HE HAS EYEBROWS?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! The spaghetti had the right idea when it tried to take him down.

  • Exornamentophobia: The fear of suddenly and inexplicably losing all your weapons and skills only to have to spend the next 20 hours re-gaining them.

  • Waste-of-$375millionphobia, the fear that Rare will NEVER make another game of the calibre they were releasing on the N64.

  • Holywhiperectophobia – fear that because of latent tendencies towards S & M, you will get an erection while playing Castlevania

  • Tweeeeeestphobia a.k.a. Shyamalan Syndrome – Fear that you are somehow obscurely yet directly related to the primary antagonist

  • Dukeforevaphobia: Fear of broken promises

    Oceanaphobia: An aversion to annoying delayed release schedules based on your geographic location

  • Primatiusbarrelaphobia – Irrational fear of Monkeys with Barrels. This condition is exacerbated by a c**k teasing Princess held hostage by aforementioned barrel weilding Monkey



  • Pwnedaphobia.

    The lurking terror that lag is not really responsible for all your in game deaths and you do, in fact, really just suck as bad as that 9 year old who beat you to the Sniper says you do.

    Especially prevalent in Australian gamers.

  • nsfwphobia the fear that the kotaku rss feed you just clicked on (whilst your boss quietly watches over your shoulder) contains a busty pink nurse.

  • Chrematawiiatychiophobia— The completely rational fear of expensive wii equipment failures, most often involving expensive flat screen tvs.

  • Pokephobia: The acute fear of being abducted by a 10 year old Japanese boy, crammed into a ball and then forced to fight to fulfill his twisted desires.

  • Non-Transformaphobia: The fear your favourite transforming robots will be put in a game where they don’t Transform.

  • Upgradephobia – The fear of buying equipment in town due to the likely chance that it will be available freely in the closet available dungeon.

  • keyaphobia – fear of accidentally hitting the annoying WINDOWS key whilst gaming and crashing your game out to the desktop. Many gamers have solved this issue by RIPPING it off the keyboard.

  • notgonnahappenphobia: The fear of continuously entering a competition for a video game even though you probably won’t win, you just want believe for a minute that you will though

  • Playstationstoreaphobia: The fear of waking up after a big bender, where the last thing you remember is downloading an assortment of things from the playstation store.

  • Slowprox-lacephobia: The F.E.A.R of your character tripping over a shoelace whilst showing off in slowmotion and subsequently swallowing a proximity grenade or owning yourself with your weapon.

  • Transgendephobia: a fear of gender ambiguity; sometimes accompanied by irrational suspicions that everyone is hiding something (in their pants). Colloquially referred to as “The Poison Fear”.

  • wiizombophobia – The crippling and often irrational fear that the wrist strap on your partner/oponents wiimote will sever and be sent through the air, at a high velocity into your cranium causing severe head trauma, open skull fractures (and some possible bleeding), sending an almost tangible scent of brains into the air that will then proceed to awaken the dead whom shall hunt you down for your tasty brain meats and will not stop to do so until they have a) consumed your head candy in full or b)a new sonic the hedgehog game is released that doesn’t make you WANT your friends to bash your head open so zombies can feast on what little they may find inside.

  • Glydus-ringoraphobia – the fear of having to fly through rings for no apparent reason. Although apparently it will save your friends.

  • Alamogordophobia: Fear of being buried alive, with millions of your friends. Prevailing in those with protractile necks.

  • Distendaphobia:

    A crippling fear that continual and ongoing gaming will result in the violent distending of my thumbs, a result that would leave me unable to strive for my goal of competing in the world thumb wrestling championships (I would attend the tinddly wink champs but lets face it that’s for wimps).

  • Duopanzerphobia (also known as Tso-Klose syndrome) – fear of multiple tanks in L4D just when you’re getting ready for a nice cruise.

  • Rigordigiphobia – fear that after conquering the game your thumbs will never again be able to assume their factory preset ‘up’ position.

  • horrorgameslikefear-phobia: where any game like Fear, Dead Space, Silent Hill etc. scares the Bejebus out of someone so much that they are unable to play the games at all

  • Maternalgiftophobia: The fear of a mother or grandmother going through the thought process of “My boy sure loves that Transformers movie, I bet he’ll love the game too.”

  • Whistling-Dixiephobia – The fear your NES game won’t start, causing you to superstitiously blow on the cartridges contacts.

  • Gaffaphobia — the fear of writing an article titled ‘Ten Trends That Are Destroying Videogames’ and having it ripped into by the forum-goers at Neogaf, before getting temporarily banned from the Gaf for causing such a stir.

  • Valkyriaphobia – the fear of having your favourite blog or website being overrun and raped by intrusive advertising, and having said advertising lag your computer like a bitch.

  • Dodaphobia – the fear of accidentally fragging the boy you like in a game of Day of Defeat, thus pissing him off and ruining any chance you may have of holding hands with him.

  • Wowserphobia : The fear of any nudity, drug reference or over the top dismemberments resulting in a banning of a particular game in Australia !!!!

  • Plurammoboxphobia – Latin translation to fear of having to open too many ammunition boxes in Fallout 3; only to discover a seemingly endless supply of bullets, health pack, and contaminated water.

  • Sonyfanphobia: the fear that someone will discover you don’t actually like Metal Gear Solid games, any of them, and actually find the plot and characters who pee themselves in one game and sleep with their mothers in the next, to be kind of dumb.

  • squenixphobia – the fear of having people find out that you love JRPGS, especially the Final Fantasy franchise, and that you spent more than a hundred hours in FFX and almost cried when you found out that Yuna and Tidus could never be together.

  • cheapaphobia… Fear of having to fight Seth AGAIN to unlock the next SFIV character. Also, the very real fear of chickens.

  • RROD-o-phobia : The ONLY thing scarier than facing Dead Space’s necromorphs is Xbox’s infamous Red Ring of Death. If you poop in the dark while playing the game, it may not be the sight of reanimated human corpses.

  • Didn’t realise I was supposed to add it to the original post and not the next post on this, so here it is again, *hope*:

    Reudhtestudiphobia: A fear of red tortoise shells. Highly prevalent in competitive go-kart drivers.

  • entercodeaphobia: the intense fear of enter code screens on video games. entercodeaphobia generally afflicts gamers who grew up in the eighty’s when the only way to save the progress on a game was via the use of a convoluted twenty to thirty character code entered when starting the game. the fear is quickly followed by extreme hair pulling chest beating rage. Especially when trying to figure out whether it was a lower case l or an upper case I that you hastily scribbled in the notes section of the manual to the original NES metroid.

  • generalhardwarefailaphobia – the fear of your console shitting itself in the lead-up to/while playing the latest big release

    fanbashaphobia – the (constant) fear of your brain melting from reading one too many fanboy rants on ‘teh inTerWebZ’

  • Testyourmightphobia – A phobia initially presenting from the NES and SNES days, where controller D-Pads would inflict massive and painful blisters from seriously addictive fighting games (Street Fighter II is one such guilty cartridge!)

  • Achievement whoraphobia: The fear of having an achievement whore appear in your room and kill you as you’re about to get an achievement so they can get their next fix.

  • Clamophobia – The fear that a mortal wound lays at the end of that attempt to retrieve your latest perhiperal from it’s clamshell packaging

    Lockophobia – The fear that content on the disk you’ve paid good money for will be denied you unless you complete a series of arduous and inconvient tasks

    Otisophobia – The fear that, just at the point that you have been surrounded by a mass of zombies, a janitor will call you on your mobile

    Rockherophobia – The fear that, in the end, you picked the wrong one

    Obisidianphobia – The fear that a sequel to a perfectly decent Bioware game will be ruined

    Pointsophobia – The fear that you’ll never quite understand how much something really costs when it’s priced in Microsoft Points.

  • LOLophobia – The Fear of actually saying ‘lol’ in public. Because when you spend as much time on the internet as i do, going to the outside world and calling a ‘lol’, scares me.

  • Mariokartophobia: The fear of getting a red shell up your clacker when you’re only seconds from the finish line.

  • F.E.A.R.ophobia – as the old saying goes, “there is nothing to fear but [F.E.A.R.] itself” (Roosevelt, F.D.), caused by playing F.E.A.R. in the dark with the sound too loud, and creepy characters appearing for a split second, causing you to waste large amounts of ammunition into walls and ceilings only to realise you were shooting at an apparition.

  • Fearophobia: Fear of the imminent release of another FPS.

    Seriously though, I want this game. Gimme gimme gimme.

  • Deuteragonistphobia – An irrational fear of dying when in the company of protagonists. Usually found in Sergeants, red-headed females and members of SOLDIER.

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