WIN! Monolith-Signed F.E.A.R. 2 Xbox 360 Pack

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Day two of our F.E.A.R. 2 comp sees another Xbox 360 pack up for grabs. Head on over to the original post to leave your entry in the comments - all entries dated Feb 18 will be eligible for today's draw. Huge thanks to everyone who entered yesterday, making it exceptionally difficult to pick just one winner. But one winner we have chosen. And they were...?

Mence! "Regisfiliabsentiphobia", meaning "Fear of our princess being in another castle", won us over with its cleverness. Mence also avoided the trap many entries fell into: giving away the joke in the term itself.
So, congratulations to Mence, we'll be in touch shortly to organise delivery of your prize pack. To everyone else: you've still got three more chances to win, so get creative!


    spawnophobia: The fear of Virtual heights. Symptoms include not wanting to play mirror's edge, being scared of the colour white.

    Damn it, I made the exact same phobia only minutes after him! Damn my morning coffee, I should have ignored it! =P

    Nupogodi!aphobia: Fear of cheap Soviet widescreen Game & Watch clones invading Nintendo's multi-screen market monopoly during '82.

    loopophobia: The fear of continuously spawning above hazard. It is also known as the fear of virtual heights

    loopophobia: The fear of continuously spawning above hazard. It is also known as the fear of virtual heights

    Truman phobia- A fear that the in game surroundings are all constructed for you and there is nothing behind those many doors that you can not enter.

    werisdafrikajackaphobia - fear of being lost in a ficticios African landscape under the effects of malaria and jackal-fever.

    Dastardophobia: the fear that someone will destroy your garden.

    Achievement whoraphobia: The fear of having an achievement whore appear in your room and kill you as you're about to get an achievement so they can get their next fix.

    Upgradephobia- Fear of buying new equipment in town due to possibility of it appearing for free in a chest in the closest available dungeon.

    Polyoprudeaphobia: the constant fear of Michael Atkinson not approving R + ratings for games for australian

    Aldarisophobia - Irrational fear of additional pylons.

    Whoops i put it in the wrong post, supposed to go in the original post.

    Expectopanophobia: the fear of everything that could or could not jump out at you from around the next corner.

    Finitophobia: the absolute terror you feel when realising you're on the last level and there's just no way you can extend the game....

    wifemayaskmetodosomework-phobia: The fear of actually realising that you only have 5 mins before your wife goes ballistic on you, but you've got 10 min to get to the next save point. "I just need to get to the next checkpoint"....(even though you've just gone through one)

    Restartaphobia: The fear that you're damn well near the end of the game and the difficulty has gone from do-able to insane and there's no way to change it once the game has been started.

    whatsasurplusphobia - the fear that you won't receieve money from the stimulus package for a new console and games

    Notamponaphobia - fear of the red ring crashing your xbox and staining your happiness.

    Squarenixphobia - Fear that all tom boy girls are princesses.

    Sweet! Thanks guys - guess my morning inspiration worked! Maybe I was dreaming in Latin or something. Though the thought of a Latin Mario is a little disturbing :)

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