WIN! Monolith-Signed F.E.A.R. 2 Xbox 360 Pack

fear 2 screenshot 1 20090212.jpg

We've drawn the third winner of our F.E.A.R. 2 comp, meaning there's now only one to go. Add your phobia to the list in the original post to stand a chance. Now, to see who was yesterday's lucky reader...

Thuddles! Whose "Pokephobia: The acute fear of being abducted by a 10 year old Japanese boy, crammed into a ball and then forced to fight to fulfill his twisted desires" was perhaps the single most terrifying phobia we've seen yet.

Congrats, Thuddles, we'll be in touch shortly. Everyone else, remember, you have just one more chance to win.


    Come on guys, Charles Martinet! The voice of Mario since the early 90s! You are making me pull at strings here :P

    Frankillaphobia - Fear of a poorly coded butchered EA game which effectively kills of a game series.

    Superphobia: The fear of being raped by a superhero

    Huhah! Fantastic, well done me. Thanks Kotaku... I love you.

    fearaphobia - (1) fear of not feeling fear nor hear fear, knowing its not real, however surreal (or near it is) of playing fear.

    Sorry for the rant but yes the comments actually did post only several hours after I actually posted them. Not a very good way to prevent double posting.


    Badportaphobia - the inevitable doom a game suffers when it is ported to another system.

    after playing F.E.A.R.2
    Scolionophobia- Fear of schools.

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