X-Blade Underwear Differences Explained

Japan is getting two versions of X-Blades: the PS3 version has panties, and the Xbox 360 version has less so. But...why?

The Topware developed game is being put out by different publishers abroad, and each publisher reacts to the needs of its respective market. In Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment requested a more tasteful image of heroine Ayumi.

"The Xbox 360 cover was the original image, and we altered it by adding silver swimsuit-style bottoms to the image for PAX back in August at their request," says Topware's Jake DiGennaro. "Sony simply preferred the latter version of the image, so we were happy to oblige."

Compare the above Japanese boxart with the North American boxart (below).

No cheeks but plenty of navel on North American X-Blades box art [Dtoid]


    I just hope people don't buy the game solely on the cover... the ingame art is absolutely hideous in comparison. :/

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