Xbox, Fall Out Boy And The Royal Australian Navy Together At Last

Maybe you can make sense of this because it just melted my mind. It seems that Xbox Australia has started sponsoring musical acts, beginning with the Pussycat Dolls last year. Now they're bringing Fall Out Boy (no, not that Fallout boy) to our shores.
And where are they playing their gig? On "the deck of Royal Australian Navy vessel, HMAS Tobruk, which will be moored at Garden Island in Sydney Harbour." Oh right, of course they are!


    Glad to see our fine servicemen and women getting some well deserved R/R

    Tomorrow is Show Us Your Tits Tuesday!

    I'm trés excited.

    @ b of steel

    Have you gone mad?

    Oh i dunno, fall out boy sounds more like an extreme training session for operations in hostile environments.

    does this fill anyone else with uncontrollable rage?

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