You Can Stop Fretting, Capcom Has An Australian Distributor

You Can Stop Fretting, Capcom Has An Australian Distributor
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After word hit of Red Ant’s financial woes, Capcom were quick to reassure us there’d be no issues with the release of their upcoming games. That assurance is now official: Capcom has signed on with THQ to distribute their games in Australia and New Zealand.


  • I wonder how well that will work out for them. Capcom used to be distributed by THQ before they moved to Red Ant didn’t they? There must have been a reason for leaving in the first place.

  • @ Mordecai Chalk

    Capcom left THQ for Activision in late 2006 or early 2007. Then they bunked down with Red Ant last year. Now they’re back with THQ. The harlots.

  • I haven’t seen any info whatsoever, but what is the word on an Australian release of the new gamepads and arcade sticks coming with the Street Fighter 4?

  • Neither Game or EBgames in Western Australia will be getting in the premium Hori or Madcatz sticks.

    Both are apparently looking into getting in cheap sticks, at some point. -Kinda defeats the purpose though! If your that hardcore a SF fan then your gonna want a decent stick and are probably willing to pay the price.

    I’m wanting either the Hori Deathsmiles / Ex Se or Madcatz TE one and will probably go with Play Asia simply because their not tards who I hate dealing with in person in their slutty shops.

  • Love to know whats happening with the PC version of Street Fighter 4 also. Seems to have disappeared off EB’s release schedule.

  • @ Kirby: HES ( are the Aussie distributors for Mad Catz products. They announced last Friday they’ll be getting in the Tournament Edition sticks, no other version. RRP is $AU299.95 and they won’t be available until April 20.

  • Bison is the old Vega.

    The names were switched for English language release many years ago because the character Bison looked a lot like Mike Tyson, so to stop potential lawsuits Bison became Balrog, Vega became Bison, Balrog became Vega and Sagat stayed Sagat because he was way to scary to screw with.

  • What happened to PC release date on EB games? (being originally the 20th to TBC) just pre ordered not long ago but now im dissapointed.

    I heard PC in US might get a June release date, which might possibly mean PC users might have to wait for the console hype to tide over until we get it 🙁

    However I did see Sf4’s PC box under “coming soon” in one EB game store, but they might have taken it down or mean “coming soon” as in wayy later

  • @ furbob

    i work for an EB store in sydney, and SFIV is in our computers, it’s just had the previous date (feb 19, same as the console versions) removed so that it’s TBC, with no current word on a new date, but so far, the price has remained the same @ $89.95

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