Your First (Brief) Look At Mass Effect 2

EA has released the first video teaser for the multi-platform Mass Effect 2 from BioWare. No need to grab some popcorn, you'll be in and out of the Mass Effect hype machine shortly.

We shan't spoil anything for you, should you choose to pick apart the Mass Effect 2 teaser for clues about the sequel to the Xbox 360 and PC game, but their may be a little plot twist in our future's future. We're definitely looking forward to more details on the title, hopefully to be stealthily released at the upcoming Game Developers Conference and regardless of how dry and academic they may be.

For now, find a comfortable seat for the next minute, press play, and enjoy.

Thanks for the heads up, Josh!


    HAH!!!! The Geth "WISH" That they can kill Shepard, so they go walking around with his gear old gear that the stole from the shop vendor during the citadel raid lol.

    Since one of the RPG expansion 'conventions' when carrying over characters is to remove any gear that they currently have, I'm going to presume that some 'event' occurs that leaves Shepard with only the shirt of his/her back, and the rest of the universe thinking that he/her is dead.

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