Yup, Microsoft Are Opening Microsoft Retail Stores

Last month, we took a tour of Microsoft's "fake" retail store. Meant to show what it would look like "if" Microsoft ever decided to open a dedicated store. Like the ones they're now actually opening.

The company have announced that, yes, they're going to follow Apple into the dedicated retail space, and will be opening an undisclosed number of stores across the US. The chain will be overseen by David Porter, formerly of Dreamworks Animation, who was hired by Microsoft this week to act as vice president of retail stores.

No word yet on what the stores will actually sell, but since the concept store was full of Xbox and Games for Windows stuff, we'd be expecting the actual stores to follow suit.

Microsoft to open own stores [Reuters]


    Any word yet on whether the stores will have their own complaints desk, and RROD drop-off areas?

    Will you have to pay a yearly fee to walk into their stores?

    Will you have to lubricate your own anus before they dispassionately fuck you with their large corporate member, or is it a service they offer for a yearly fee?

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