A Clawful Of Boobs

As Jason Chen at sister site Gizmodo aptly points out, those are not onions. He should know! Dude loves onions.

Spotted at a Japanese arcade, this very retro looking crane game is packed with boobs. These palm-sized tension-reliever novelty items that have been available in Japan (and elsewhere) for some time. They're quite squishy and hard to grasp with one's hand, let alone a metal crane.

This is the first time we've seen them as a crane game prize and are adding it to our list of suggestive items we've found in crane machines: glow in the dark undies, handcuffs, porno DVDs. The list, like life, goes on and on.

Japanese Boob Claw Machine [Gizmodo]


    I had one of those boobs, I threw it away a few weeks ago, it does look like real boobs and being able to squeeze it takes the stress away.

    lol ive seen these for sale at cost plus and red dot in australia, it made me laugh when i saw them and when i told my mates about them they didnt believe me. i think the were called squish balls or something with the image of a kid squeezing it and water coming out or something. i wonder if they still sell them .....

    Lol. You may as well have tentacles instead of claws.

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