Activision Promises Better, Original Games For Wii

In an interview with Reuters, Activision head Bobby Kotick talked up his confidence in the game industry despite the tough economy.

Among other things, Kotick believes that the industry still doesn't have mass-market pricing for their consoles, something he sees as closer to US$199 than $299. He also says that there remains more opportunity for the gaming industry than just about any other right now.

Activision is eying Europe, China and Korea as places they can do much better in terms of sales.

More interesting, though, is Kotick's promise to better tap into the Wii market.

"In the past we approached the Wii as an extension of what we were doing on PlayStation and the Xbox and I think we can do a better job of creating original content for the Wii, and I think you'll see more of that this year."

INTERVIEW-Activision CEO confident in tough economy


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