Aeria Brings Hello Kitty Online To North America

In the most exciting news out of the Game Developers Conference so far this morning, Sanrio Digital and Aeria Games are partnering to officially bring Hello Kitty Online to North America.

Aeria Games will manage the online publishing and day-to-day operation of Sanrio Digital's Hello Kitty Online, a massively multiplayer online game with a built-in audience consisting of anyone who has ever professed a preference for the colour pink. Currently in beta, Hello Kitty Online will launch later this year in North America with a free-to-play business model supported by microtransactions.

"Sanrio Digital is very excited to partner with Aeria Games, who will be our online publisher and operator for Hello Kitty Online in North America. With Aeria Games' leadership position in the free-to-play casual MMO sector and Hello Kitty brand awareness among the underserved female gaming audience, Hello Kitty Online will grow into a leading social gaming destination for teens and female adults," said Robert Ferrari, Vice President of Publishing & Business Development of Sanrio Digital.

And there you have it! What could possibly top this news? Nothing. Nothing at all. GDC is now closed. You can all go home now.


    I've played the Founder's Beta, it's not that great, actually. No combat skills, and all enemies level 5 or above are aggro...
    It becomes a stealth game when you try to get to one city to another, avoiding all the monsters...(because as I said, there are no combat-related skills whatsoever, and you CAN'T take those monsters on at the same time) Simply trying to get through a map to another without paying attention to where the monsters are will get you killed, unless you're an uber high level...
    Another problem with this is that when you're trying to farm for materials (which you will be doing a lot...this is 95% of the game), monsters will continue to aggro you, and when you get attacked, you automatically stop doing what you were doing, even when the monster is only doing 1 damage every 5 seconds to you...
    So I want to see some kind of repel skill! With a repel skill, this would solve 50% of the game's problems.

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